|| Tattoos ||

Finally, FINALLY! A post that has all of my tattoos. I don't think I've officially posted a finished piece of my arm and it's been finished over a year! So let's start at the beginning. (And sorry about the url on all the pictures. If they end up elsewhere on the internet, I want people to be able to find the original source to credit the tattoo artists.)

My first tattoo ever I got when I was 16 in someones kitchen. Best tattoo I have. Except not. I have no pictures of it and don't plan on taking any until I cover it up with a new tattoo. Sorry! It's a very poorly done peace sign.

The second tattoo I got was three spools of thread on the left side of my chest and the third tattoo was a couple months later with three more spools on the right side of my chest. I love sewing, and eventually want my whole chest piece to be a crafty chest piece, with random things like a thimble, a whisk, pin cushion, etc for all the random things I create. Read more about the experience here.
Tattoo Artist: Jay when he was at Burley Fish

The fourth tattoo was the word 'ownlife' on my belly, like a straight thug. It's from the book 1984 (go read it, folks) and means 'individuality and eccentricity'. Read more about it here.
Tattoo Artist: Jay when he was at Burley Fish

The fifth tattoo was my ring finger. Vince and I weren't married or even engaged yet, but I knew he was the one. Fortunately he felt the same way and didn't freak out when I told him about it. I don't really have any good pictures of it but take a gander here. Tattoo also done by Jay.

The 6th tattoo was my arm piece. My big, beautiful, arm piece. This scene took about 14 hours over five sessions. I did the first outline session in March of 2011, added some shading in May, got engaged in July and panicked thinking I'd have a half-finished tattoo for the wedding and quickly banged out two sessions in July and August before my wedding in September. The final session was to fill in the some little parts and do a touch up, which happened in September after the wedding.
Tattoo Artist: Tanin at Birch Avenue Tattoo
Based off the mural 'The Veridic Gardens of Effie Leroux' by Joe Sorren

My seventh tattoo was my legs. Does this count as one or two tattoos since it's both legs? Either way, I got 'Together we stand, divided we fall'. Silly, yet seriously awesome.
Tattoo Artist: Tanin at Birch Avenue Tattoo

My eighth (ninth?) tattoo is the deathly hallows symbol on my elbow. I can't decide if it's my favorite one or not! I got it for $13 on Friday the 13th with my best friend Annie.
Tattoo Artist: Tanin at Birch Avenue Tattoo

Annnnd that's all for now!

Edited to say it's actually not all and I've gotten multiple tattoos since my HP one and will maybe update this soon. Ha!