Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salutary Sunday/Tattoo

It seems like I say this every week, but this week FLEW by. When I'm at work, it seems like the days are DRAGGING on, but once I get through the weekend, it seems like it went to quickly. 

As you know, this week I opened my Etsy shop, and I'm proud of it!  I'm really excited to have it grow over the next few weeks and hope to add enough items so I have at least 30 items for sale. 

What I was most excited about this week, though, was my TATTOO!! I finally got the outline started from Tanin at Birch Ave Tattoo and now I can't wait to get it completely finished. 

Getting my arm tattooed is way easier than my chest or belly. I still can't say that my chest hurt, because I've felt worse pain than that, but it was definitely uncomfortable. My arm, however, was pretty easy and there were only 2 or 3 parts that were even remotely uncomfortable. It was awesome. It was only the outline, so we'll see how the next few sessions treat me.

When I went in to get the tattoo, the part I was most excited about was the girl, Effie. Now that it's on me, I think my favorite part is actually the little guy on my shoulder! 

{Sorry it's a little dry, it's still healing!}

I just love his face and the way it sticks out of the mask. I'm amazed at how well Tanin captured both of their faces, and how exact it is. As I said, I am SO excited to see how this turns out!


So, moving on to the Salutary Sunday part, because while my tattoo was created, it wasn't created by me! 

Some things I made this week was good food. 

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day alone with Vince and it was so wonderful. I've been having a rough time with my sister this past week, and having Vince to support me has been so helpful. It makes me realize that he is absolutely my rock, and that I wouldn't change anything about my life with him. 

The first thing we did was ate some yummy gluten free waffles I made {recipe found HERE}. 

I bought some maple syrup over a year ago and it was sugar free; it was the worst thing I have ever tasted so I threw it out and I've forgotten to buy syrup since then! What I did to make my own syrup was just use some apple jam {that I had canned last year when apples were on sale}, added a little water to it and threw it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to warm it up. It was delicious

{Isn't the color gorgeous?!}

Vince also added some peanut butter to his waffles and made some bacon {and then tried to avoid me getting a picture of him}. 

After eating we were supposed to CUT THAT HAIR, but played disc golf instead. Vince's beard and hair is SO long and now that winter is hopefully gone, all of it is going. I'm stoked.

Anyways, as I said we went and played disc and it was perfect outside. I wore a long sleeve shirt because I couldn't put sunscreen on my tattoo yet and I got a little warm, but luckily there was a slight breeze. The dogs had a blast and just got to run around and get muddy and tired. As soon as we got back to the car Izobel passed out but Roxanne was ready to run 10 more miles! Izzy's definitely lazy like me. Hehe.

After disc we dropped the girls off so they could eat and sleep, went to an outdoor store and got things for the yard like a new hose, and went to the post office to drop off some stuff I sold. After that we came home and I cleaned out both of the cars. The new one was so dusty from all the dirt roads we go on and Sedona trips! We I also cleaned the house up so that I had nothing to do today and could just relax.

After eating dinner we watched the movie How Do You Know. It was HORRIBLE. Like one of the worst movie I've watched recently. The acting was disastrous and there was absolutely no plot. I clearly don't recommend it!

What have you guys done this week? Anything fun?!


  1. Mmmm, waffles! I'm surprised none of your tattoos have hurt... I always hear all kinds of horror stories. You'd probably be an excellent candidate for natural childbirth ha ha!

  2. I think I can just handle pain well. I kind of go into a little zone and meditate through it! And ya, I'm definitely hoping for a natural childbirth! I'm hoping to have my kids at home, but I'll have to sweet talk Vince into it a little more. =P

  3. Love the tattoo - I put my first off for money reasons but am ready to get a new one!

  4. Thanks! =D And you should definitely do it, they are so awesome!

  5. Ah! I love your tattoo! They really did a great job. I can't wait to see the finished product. :) I am definitely going to Birch Ave when I get my next (I just need to save up the cash now!).

    The waffles look delicious. Definitely my favorite breakfast food, haha! We got a waffle maker for our wedding and I'm a little obsessed.

  6. Thank you, I can't wait either!

    And I LOVE waffles too. It's a perfect meal any time of the day!

  7. Sheesh, you're so much braver than I am! You're awesome!

  8. Your sleeve is going to be awesome! Btw, I totally forgot how itchy tattoos get while they heal. Like I couldn't sleep the other night because my arm was so itchy and I couldn't scratch it! Have you had similar itchy issues, or is it just me? lol

  9. Thanks, I SO excited about getting it finished!

    And yes, I ALWAYS seem to forget how itchy tattoos can get. For the first day the lotion would help it not be itchy, but after that there's nothing you can do! I have a really hard time controlling myself to not keep rubbing my arm {like you do when you're cold} because it feels SSOOOO good, but it's so bad! Luckily it's not itchy anymore. Hopefully yours has already stopped or stops soon!

    My belly tattoo that is right on my belt line was definitely the itchiest because something was always touching it. It drove me CRAZY.

  10. Ooooo I bet the tummy one would be itchy. It makes my cringe just thinking about all the itchiness! lol

    I know what you mean! I tried rubbing around the tattoo, but it only made it worse. Luckily though, the itchiness has died down a bit. It's in the peely stage now, which I also hate because it looks all messy, and it's taking every ounce of self control I have, not to mess with it.

    It really sucks too because AJ's tattoo isn't itchy anymore AND already went through the peely stage. Like two days ago. So his tattoo is aleady itch free and perfect looking again. Lucky duck. lol

  11. I wish I healed as quickly as him! And ya, I hate that stage because then when someone looks at it they're like, Uh, that's gross. Hahaha