Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I got a new tattoo.
Very few people will actually know what it means,
which is a sad sad thing.
This is the tattoo:
[[[Sidenote: Isn't my stomache so loooooong.
My pants aren't even that low on my waist, it just looks like that.
My torso is way too long for my body, and to see it in a picture is weird,
I don't take too many belly shots!]]]

In the book 1984, ownlife means individuality and eccentricity.

Have you ever read the book 1984 by George Orwell? The philosophy of the book is this:

“In 1984, George Orwell warns of the terrifying dangers that man may create for himself in his quest for a utopian society. It warns that people might believe that everyone must become slaves to the government in order to have an orderly society, but at the expense of the freedom of the people.“ (

This book is where the term Big Brother comes from because there are 'telescreens' all throughout Oceania that watch and listen to people.

In the Utopian society of Oceania, facts are always changing. One day 2+2=4 and the next day it may equal 5. You cannot think for yourself, or you will be convicted of a ‘thoughtcrime’, which can get you killed.

The government has its own form of language called Newspeak and is slowly condensing words so that ultimately, you won’t even think or speak because words won’t exist. It’s crazy to think of that, because aren’t we doing exactly that? With all the lols and wut u ^ 2 being thrown around, we are limiting our vocabulary that will eventually be so condensed we won’t have to say much!

I’ve read this book almost 15 times(I’m currently rereading it) and every time I read it, it’s like I’m reading it for the first time. I notice so many more details and it makes me think about things I’ve never thought before. This is probably one of the worst book reviews ever, but there are to many feeling inside of me about this book that I can't even explain it!

All I can tell you is READ THIS BOOK.

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