Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tattoo with a bit o' color.

I had another session on my arm for a couple of weeks now (second to last!), but haven't posted about it. I'm extremely excited with it and cannot believe the amazing details, so why no post? Because it fucking hurt. That should be enough explaining for you. But, because this is my area of the Internet I will completely elaborate. 

(Click on any picture to make it larger!)
The first two session were simple; I went in, I dealt with it, and I left. The first was around 2 hours and the second around 3 1/2 (?) so they were pretty 'quick'. This last one was about four hours (again, I can't remember, so maybe a little more? Or less?) which doesn't seem like too long. 
My fault lies within the fact that I had my appointment at noon at Birch Ave Tattoo. Me being me, I woke up and 11:30 and I didn't give myself enough time for my body to fully wake up so that I could eat a filling meal! I ate a piece of toast and some orange juice which is NOT enough to sit through a 4 hour tattoo.
The first 3 or so hours went smoothly. It of course hurt a bit, but I was having good conversations with Tanin and wasn't noticing too much. But around hour 3, I started to loose it. I realized that OH MY GOD MY ARM HURTS. TOUCH ME AGAIN AND I WILL PUNCH YOU. I contained myself and didn't punch him, but the last part was so painful at the bottom of my arm, and I was really feeling it. I'm pretty sure I said like 3 words to Tanin the last hour, which was an abrupt change from the constant talking previously.
I was getting really hungry the last little bit and was really wishing I had remembered my Snickers bar. 

But alas, I did survive. When I was done I went to the ATM to get some cash and then went to Diablo Burger. I ordered my food and went to give Tanin the money, and on my way back I almost had a breakdown. I kid you not. I was planning on eating outside Diablo, but I was so anxious and felt like I was about to cry so I took my food basket home with me, sat on my couch, and shoved my face with a grilled cheese with an over-easy egg. I was SO exhausted, but I didn't actually cry!
It's still healing up a bit on the lower part where the table is because I sleep on it weird, but it's coming along. And guess what?! I have my (hopefully) last big session this Friday! I'm pretty stoked. This time I am going to wake up with more than enough time to eat a big hardy breakfast. I plan on breezing through this tattoo so I can see it finished!


  1. it looks really great! you are brave for sitting through such pain for so long!

  2. It does look great! Ryan had a similar story, he he. He did fine but his second-to-last appointment was at a time when he had to skip a meal, plus he was eating gluten at the time and not realizing what it was doing to him... so of course that didn't help. He survived though, ha ha.