Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tattoo Shading: Done!

I got the shading done on Thursday, and was too excited to wait until it heals to show you! 
So you get some pictures before it was healed, with awesome dinosaur-looking skin. 
I'll post some more pictures in a week or so when it's totally healed. 

Now that I got the shading done I just want to hurry and get all the color added, but it's going to be many more hours before it's all done!

{Done by Tanin at Birch Ave Tattoo. Based off the Veridic Gardens of Effie Leroux mural by Joe Sorren. Click HERE for more pictures of the mural.}


  1.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ! ! !

  2.  Tooooooo Aweeeesssoooommmeee!  I love it! :) Hearts, Janna lynn

  3.  Lookin' good! I know you've said it doesn't really hurt you too much when you're getting it done... but does it hurt a little when it's healing?

  4.  Thanks!! 

    And it hurts in a weird way as it's healing. It feels exactly like having a really bad sun burn. I have to keep lotion on it and every time I put some on it stings a little, but overall it's not too bad. The part that was at the crease of my arm where you get an IV hurts quite a bit because of the way I sleep on it!

  5.  Oh, and the main bad things about it is the ITCHINESS. Oh my goodness, it's so annoying!