Friday, December 19, 2014

30 weeks. With (some) pictures that aren't from Instagram!

How far along: 30 weeks 
27w6d     2lb 10oz and a week ahead in growth
Weight: 157 pounds. I am now 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, so after losing 30 pounds that means I've gained 40 pounds! It's funny to explain that to people who didn't know I was so sick because they look at me like, 'Uh, there is not 40 pounds of extra weight on you.'
Emotions: This past week I have been really emotional about getting closer to the end of pregnancy (I still have 10-ish weeks to go, so in reality I still have quite a while) and have really enjoyed being pregnant. It is still all sorts of uncomfortable, but I've been loving the routine I feel with baby girl's wild kicks right before going to bed and first thing when I wake up, seeing my belly grow and contort and be different every day as I rub oil on it, and having Vince look at me and my belly with a totally different kind of love than before. I know it'll be a whole new world of amazing when she is finally here, but I'm also loving these moments so much!
Nesting: I had my baby shower this past weekend and was hoping it would give me a bit more energy to get everything done, but it hasn't! I still have some of the motivation I mentioned at 27 weeks but I've been pretty tired the past few days and have wanted to do nothing but lay on the couch, which is what I've done. I'm mentally ready to get shit done, but not physically.
Sleep: Still waking up frequently to go pee, but getting back to sleep right away. Luckily this is something that has not suffered very much! To update from 27 weeks, my iron levels are great but my thyroid level were off and I was taking too much of my medication so I had gone hypothyroid, which was making me exhausted. That's actually a good thing because I was able to reduce my medication! So since reducing that, I have been feeling much more awake and alert. But still lazy.

Cravings: Chocolate still. I now have a chocolate milkshake or two a day with vanilla ice cream, milk, and cocoa powder and it's just what I need calorie-wise and chocolate-wise!
 Not pregnant...
Pregnant! 29w1d
Movement: I was starting to notice a routine with her, but now that's all changed! On Monday I had an appointment with my massage/craniosacral therapist and mentioned that she was still breach. She did a couple things to encourage baby girl to move and to help her realize that she has a lot of space to move within my belly. Up until now, she has been firmly nuzzled into my left hip and has not wanted to move. She'd occasionally meander over to my right hip, but within hours would be back to my left. After seeing the therapist, though, she is not in either hip and is very much in my belly! The evening after the session and in the days that followed I've felt more movement than ever and they've been BIG movements, so I'm hoping she'll be closer to birthing position at my next ultrasound. It was really crazy to wake up Tuesday morning after the session, stand up, and feel my center of gravity had shifted drastically and they I was very front-heavy. It's been incredibly uncomfortable for me because I'm not used to carrying her this way and my stomach is really tight now, but I'm hoping it helps in the end!
29w3d The night of my session.

29w5d Two days after. I'm sure it's hard for people who aren't me to notice a difference, 
but she is now so much higher and sticking out! 
Wedding Ring On or Off: It's back on, bitchez!

Best Moment of the Week: My baby shower last Saturday! I'm surrounded by such awesome and amazing ladies and it was fun to hangout with all of them, and see friends throughout the week who weren't able to make it to the shower. So much love.

Looking Forward To: Christmas! We changed our big trip due to money and the realization that I don't want to sit in the car for long periods of time, so we'll be going to Vegas to eat a bunch of good food and see the Bodies Exhibit before heading to southern Utah for Christmas at some condos with my extended family.
Panicking About: Keeping up with laundry once we have a baby. We haven't had a washer and dryer our entire almost six years of living here (aside from the 8 months we moved away and then moved back) so you'd think we have a system down, but nope! We let it pile up until we are out of stuff to wear. I've already noticed a huge change in my insistence to have a clean house and just do things as they need to be done (what a concept!) so I'm hoping that translates over to laundry as well and I just do it. 
29w5d Juicing!
What I Miss: Not spending a fortune on toilet paper. Ok, so it's not a fortune, but we almost go through a 12 pack a week now! Just because I pee tiny amounts each time doesn't mean I can use a tiny amount of toilet paper. 

Milestones: Appointments are now every two weeks since I'm in my last trimester! I'm not actually stoked about that because my appointments consist of my doctor asking how things are, me saying fine, them trying to tell me info I already know and them realizing I already know it, then me leaving. I know the belly checks and heart rate are important, but it still seems like such a waste of time!
We drove in a storm way early in the morning on Thursday just so my doctor 
could tell me to gain more weight. Productive use of our time!

Friday, December 5, 2014


In today's world with Facebook, blogging, Instagram, etc., it seems like everything is documented. Not just big milestones like a baby starting to walk, but what food was eaten for breakfast and what traffic was like. Since I felt so terrible for so long I didn't 'document' anything for pretty much the first 4 or 5 months of my pregnancy and have been having some anxiety about it! Ok, anxiety may be a bit dramatic, but maybe guilty or sad?

I feel like there are so many little things that I'm already forgetting about being pregnant, and I haven't even had her yet. Did I feel kicks at 20 weeks? Or was it 21? When did I feel like I was actually getting big? When did my itchy belly start? When did my nacho cheese craving go away?

Within all of that I feel the guilt that I won't be able to share as many 'things' with my kid like it seems so many other mom's do nowadays. Have I written a single letter to my baby? No. Will I ever? Maybe one if I really feel the urge, but I have no mental capacity or desire to do that right now. But isn't that someone I should feel like I should do? It seems like every day there is another person who posts a 'Dear seventeen and a quarter month old Zachary, let me tell you just how much I love you.' But that's also when I think, 'Barf, shut up, I'm no longer reading this ridiculousness,' and I realize maybe that's not for me. Neither is a baby book with 'fill in the blank' type things because I don't like the look of half the book being typed and half hand written and I definitely wouldn't keep up with it, I have no room or energy for scrapbooking, I'm terrible at updating this blog...

So over the past couple weeks I've been trying to think about what I'll want to remember and what would be fun to pass on to my baby girl. I realized that the things I love most are the pictures I have from when I was a kid/in utero with the little tidbits of what was happening in the picture. I think I'll try and put my energy into saving some of my favorite pictures in a file so that at the end of my pregnancy I can just print one of those easy photo books, then go through and write something on each photo. As far as trying to remember all the little things, I'll settle with a plain piece of paper in a notebook for now! Also, I'm realizing that I really don't need to remember all the little things. The things that are important to me are things I'll always remember so I really just need to not worry about it.

This all seems a little crazy to write about on a blog - not documenting things? What?! I guess I'm just trying to say I'm not going to be stressed out about trying to keep up with recording everything, but I'm still going to do it to some extent because I enjoy it. But really, if my parents had 400 pictures from one day at the park with me I wouldn't want to look through them anyways.

With all that being said, I finally felt her hiccups today and I'm officially 'table belly' status! ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Today, I Love...

When my stepmom was pregnant with my little brother and after she had him, she would walk and walk and walk around the neighborhood for what seemed like hours. I never understood it because even though the neighborhood can be pretty, it would get quite boring. Now that it's getting colder and it's inconvenient and difficult for me to go hike in the woods, I've taken to walking my neighborhood. And it's lovely! I think I will enjoy exploring the surrounding neighborhoods and the quietness of it now that winter is here. Tonight the roads were deserted, the pond was starting to freeze over, and I was just excited to be outside with a kicking baby in my belly and a dog that was so happy to smell everything.

Post idea from one of my favorite and most inspiring blogs, Assortment. My post is just a little wordier. ;)

Friday, November 28, 2014

27 weeks

Every week seems to just fly by so fast, it's getting a little crazy. This week was a very busy one, so I'm hoping for a more calm one coming up!

Monday night some of my family had an early Thanksgiving since a lot of us were seeing our spouse's families on Thursday. It was a great time as always. On Tuesday I drove about 2 hours to Phoenix for my step-grandpa's funeral (beautiful Catholic mass) and had to come straight back home afterwards because I had to work Wednesday morning. I woke up early to get to work, then right after work headed back down to Phoenix for Thanksgiving! We were luckily there for two nights, but ended up doing a lot of driving on Thanksgiving traveling between families, so although it was fun, it was still a bit tiring. We came home today and traffic was just insane so our 2ish our drive ended up being 3 1/2 hours. No fun at all! 
Slow traffic was an understatement. We were completely stopped! Luckily it wasn't a fatal accident and just looked like 6 cars had fender benders and were blocking the road.

I was able to enjoy In-N-Out, PF Chang's, and a Thanksgiving feast, though, so it was all worth it. Plus, I got to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday and spend a lot of time with great family.
Double-double protein style (w/ allergy to the bun!), fries, and a chocolate shake. I could have easily eaten a second cheeseburger.

On to the baby update.

How far along: 27 weeks (last week of the second trimester!)

Weight: 155 pounds (-30 total/+8)

Nesting: I have definitely been nesting for a few weeks now, but I've also been really tired, so it's kind of difficult to deal with. My brain keeps telling me I must clean super random things like under the couch and shower walls (which I've never cleaned, ever, because it's never accumulated scum/mold or appeared dirty), but my body is like, "I'm going to just completely fall apart on you if you don't take a nap right this second. Oh, oh look! Your eyes are closing! Better sit down before you just fall over!" Luckily I'll find moment where I can get some stuff done and still have time for a nap. 

Annoying Symptom: Dry, dry, DRY skin. Like so incredibly dry that certain parts of my body look sunburned because they are so red, irritated, and painful. I've been using fractionated coconut oil, but it's time to break out the really greasy balms because after an hour it doesn't help anymore. I made a belly butter with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, etc a few months ago that I've been using and it is really soothing for my belly but it stays greasy for a long time, so it's inconvenient to use unless it's night time. So I'm going to try and either make something less greasy for the rest of my body (my hips are somehow the driest which is weird, and it doesn't help to pull down/up my pants all the time to pee) or I'm just going to buy some heavy duty lotion and save the oil for my belly. I've just grown to love non-toxic things and lotions have so many bad ingredients! But, the itchiness just kills me. I of course fell in love with the Paul Mitchell lemon sage lotion at the hotel, and of course it's crazy expensive. So any lotion recommendations would be great!

Sleep: I'm not quite sure if I'm sleeping poorly, or I'm just extra tired, but I'm so tired all the time now. I feel like aside from waking up to pee constantly or having terrible dreams, I sleep pretty solidly. I'm thinking I could be anemic so I've started taking my desiccated liver pills again for the iron, and hopefully that helps! I have blood work getting done next week so I'm going to ask my doc to tack on an iron levels test. I don't take prenatals anymore (I know, I'm so terrible) but I do take individual vitamins tailored to what I need, but I haven't been taking iron because CONSTIPATION. The desiccated liver pills have more bioavailable iron (uh, I sound like a hippy) so it shouldn't affect my bowels like other iron pills! So I feel like it's probably that, and the fact that I'm so much closer to the third trimester. 

Cravings: Chocolate. 
Movement: She's been more relaxed the past few days which is a little odd, but I'm still feeling her punch and kick! I think she finally changed positions and is no longer breech, so I think I'm just feeling things differently now. I have an ultrasound next week so I'll be able to see her position and know for sure.

Wedding Ring On or Off: Still off.

Best Moment of the Week: Duh, so much good food.
Vince brought me leftover PF Chang's in bed at the hotel, and my pillow fell over flinging a fork full of food everywhere! Yes, I did clean it up but I wanted to cry about a forkful wasted. 

Looking Forward To: This school semester being over. I have a standardized Kaplan exam, two final simulations, and my final, and then I'm home free! So close, yet so so far. 

Panicking About: Time going so quickly! I missed out on my entire first trimester and part of my second, and now that I'm almost to the third, I feel like pregnancy is going to be over soon. The other day I was thinking about how some babies start eating solids round 4-6 months old and I was like, "OH MY GOD, THAT'S SO SOON! My baby won't be a baby for long!" I of course had to remind myself that I haven't even had a baby yet and that I needed to chill the hell out.

What I Miss: Easily putting on shoes. I'm not going to lie, I thought it was one of those things pregnant people just exaggerated about, but it's true! Oh, so true! I don't feel like I'm even big enough yet to feel like i should have a problem with bending over, but I definitely can't bend. So I always have to sit down and angle my body to the side or lift my leg onto something, like the trash can. My balance is getting a little wonky though, so I'm not sure I'll be able to do that for long. 

Milestones: Swimming! A couple days after finding out I was pregnant I had a crazy strong desire to swim, but we all now what happened soon after that. I have a membership to the NAU gym and olympic sized pool but it's full of intimidating college students and I wasn't even sure if I could swim now that all my muscle is gone, so I was going to get a membership to a local gym that has a lot of old people. They decided to up their prices though and I didn't want to pay for it, so I just haven't gone swimming but I think about it all the time. I was able to hangout in the pool at our hotel, though, and I am definitely capable of swimming so now I'm more determined to just go to the pool at the college. They have a lot of lanes open for open swim so hopefully I can figure out their slow times so I can go and not worry about being embarrassed/slowing people down with my snail pace!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

26 weeks

26w1d - the lazy shot. And no stretch marks yet, luckily! Just the indentation from my shirt.


Weight: 152 pounds (-30 total/+ 6)

Sleep: Has drastically changed this past week. I am definitely up about every hour, whether it's to change positions or go pee. I was able to do a partially on my belly, partially on my side sleep for a while that was great because I'm normally a stomach sleeper, but that's now gone. So the side it is. That leads to things like major neck aches and my arm falling asleep! And I feel like I use my other hand to support myself somehow so my wrists get really sore. I was never told about this part of pregnancy. ;) I sleep with a body pillow on both sides which is way helpful, and I'm thinking it's time to add a second one under my head!

Cravings: Hard boiled egg sandwiches are still all the rage (rave?) and healthy foods in general like salads. 
I've been thinking a lot about BBQ chips as well, but haven't eaten them. I bought some the other day and thought I'd bought them before so assumed they were gluten free. I sat on the couch to eat one and as I was bringing a chip to my mouth, I realized I hadn't checked the bag yet. So I read the ingredients quickly and look at the little area that says 'Contains:' and it didn't say anything about wheat. So I put the chip to my lips and thought, 'Hmm, I should probably read the ingredients one more time, just to be safe.' Sure enough, there was malted barley syrup which is not gluten free! I was so bummed, but so happy I caught it before I ate it or I would have been one sorry pregnant lady. (But at least I would have pooped!)

Movement: Never ending it seems, which I love! Even though it is really uncomfortable at times, especially after I've had a big meal, it's quite an amazing feeling. There have been some really big movements happening so it's been fun to watch it beneath my skin. She'll sometime do multiple punches like a punching bag, so my stomach will just look like it's seizing or something. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: Still off.

Best Moment of the Week: Having my nursing clinicals for school end for the semester. They'll be quite rough next semester since we have two days instead of one and I'll be way bigger, but I'm happy for the break.

My clinical carpool ladies!

Looking Forward To: Taking our baby moon in a few weeks! We'll be heading up to Jackson Hole so Vince can ski and I can cozy up in a luxury hotel, then visiting a friend who is a few weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy (our belly's are going to be so cute together), then heading to a condo in southern Utah for a family reunion of sorts for Christmas. 
Incredibly flattering, I know. ;) This was after a simlab day for school, and this is what I wear under my scrubs! My 'slimmer' belly band, compression socks, and a long sleeve shirt. Vince kept telling me I looked huge and wanted a picture. 25w5d

What I Miss: Getting out of bed normally. I feel like a bug stuck on it's back sometimes because I have to put my arms and legs in the air for momentum to make it over my body pillow and sit up!

Milestones: Not fitting in my bras, except a nursing bra I bought. I've been wearing sports bras for a bit but they were getting too snug so I reached for a 'real' bra. It was quite hilarious when I put it on because my boobs literally squished out the top, bottom and sides and I couldn't breath. While not a milestones for already big chested ladies, it's a little fun for me not to be an A-cup any more! Except now I am down to one comfortable bra...

(Read about week 14 weeks and 25 weeks.)