|| About Me ||

As I've said on my Instagram( @iffyinklings), I never know what to say about myself, especially if it's supposed to be witty or funny. So I just won't try. Instead I'll be quick and to the point.

I'm 26 years old, have been married to my husband Vince for six years, and we have two children and a cat. I am a nurse and I'm working on my master's to become a nurse practitioner.  This blog is a creative outlet and journal for myself to share everything from recipes, to crafts, to my day to day life and has been sorely neglected this past year. I have tons of Mormon tendencies since I grew up in that faith, but now I don't believe in Jesus, I have tattoos, and I probably swear too much.

Have any questions or thoughts?
Email me at iffyinklings {at} gmail {dot} com!