|| About Me ||

As I've said on my Instagram( @iffyinklings), I never know what to say about myself, especially if it's supposed to be witty or funny. So I just won't try. Instead I'll be quick and to the point.

I'm 21 years old, married my husband Vince in September of 2011, and live with our blue heeler, Roxanne, in snowy and wonderful Northern Arizona. I am pre-med and am majoring in biomedical science with a minor in chemistry. I've never considered myself a health nut, but apparently I'm unintentionally turning into one. I have celiac disease and have been gluten free for a little over four years, and am in the process of transitioning to the pale lifestyle. No beans, no grains, and no refined foods among other things. I've never felt better or had more energy in my entire life. This blog is just a creative outlet and journal for myself to share everything from recipes, to crafts, to my day to day life. I have tons of Mormon tendencies since I grew up in that faith, but now I don't believe in Jesus, I have tattoos, and I probably swear too much.

Have any questions or thoughts?
Email me at iffyinklings {at} gmail {dot} com!