Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today is a good day. To celebrate, I've made a list.

{1} I talked to my new artist Tanin at Birch Ave Tattoo about getting my new tattoo. What tattoo? Why, parts a Joe Sorren mural, that's what! Specifically this little lady and guy:

{2} I found out I can eat Captian Crunch. Can you guess what I'll be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week?

{3} It's my Friday! I get a three day weekend bitches.

{4} Vince and I are going to eat a lot of food this weekend. Details to come.

{5} I created a Facebook page for this here blog and my soon to be shop. Like me? Please? PLEASE?

{6} It's sunny. Sunny sunny sunny and WARM. It's going to be a beautiful long weekend.

{7} DID I MENTION I'M GETTING A TATTOO???!!! Ya, I am. An entire half sleeve. I feel like I'm going to throw up I'm so excited.

{8} I have time tonight to write up a post about the day trip Veronica and I took to Jerome last Saturday. It was so fun, so I'm excited to write about it and show you the pictures!

{9} I got Roxanne's new collar in the mail today from this wonderful Etsy shop called AllDogsAllowed. I bought Roxanne's first collar from them and I LOVED it, we got so many compliments on it. Izzy is an idiot though and ate it. Yes, ATE IT. I'm going to order one for Izzy later this week as well, maybe this one. They are so durable and awesome, I completely recommend that shop. Fast shipping, too!

{10} I feel like there is something else I'm excited about, but I can't think of it. 


  1. yayayay! Congrats on getting your tattoo! No worries, those images are gonna look amazing...I can't wait to see! Have a great weekend, Lucky totally deserve it! Hearts, janna lynn

  2. I know Veronica!
    Also. Are you POSITIVE Capn Crunch is gluten free? Oat flour isn't contaminated?
    If you ARE positive, do you happen to know about Peanut Butter Crunch?

    Be forewarned... if you respond you're positive Peanut Butter Crunch is GF you'll never hear from me again as how can I type when I'm holding a spoon full of goodness in each hand at all time?!

  3. I haven't gotten it yet, though, another week or so!

    Thanks! XD

  4. Ya, you do know her! She's my bestie =D

    So this is what I will tell you about CC. I am extremely sensitive to gluten, and I won't eat anything that says it's been processed on the same equipment. I usually stay clear from that stuff, and am SUPER paranoid about what I eat. I won't even make out with Vince after he drinks a beer, because just that is enough to make me sick{with diarrhea =/ }!

    Now that that's out of the way, I did NOT have a problem with CC. I read the label in the store and was iffy about it, but I forgot my lunch at home and was already at the store shopping for work. I was starving and it sounded so good, so I thought I would risk it. It was very stupid of me to risk it {especially at work!} and I rarely do, but I'm glad I did!

    So what I would recommend is eating it at home to see if it affects you {or Ryan}.

    And yes, I happen to know about PB CC, I was SO close to buying that instead! I remember it from when I used to eat it a few years ago, but regular CC sounded so good and I didn't have enough money for both. haha I didn't check if that box was GF, though, so check it out. It's the next box of cereal I'm going to buy for sure!

    And I have a question for you! Are you GF because you have to be, or do you do it for Ryan? I think it's cool either way. =D

  5. I read all kinds of articles talking about how dangerous it was for someone with Celiac to even kiss someone who eats gluten and it was actually kind of graphic about bodily fluids and stuff but (I can't see what I'm tayping right now because your comment thing cuts it off now... so forgive any typos please!) it scared the crap out of me so I stopped eating it for Ryan. I haven't had it for over a year now so if I do eat even a little bit I get sick since I'm not sued to it but I talked to a doctor about it once and he said if I ever tried to go back to it I'd probably be okay to eat it again within a year of slowly getting myself to that point.
    But I will tell you something interesting that makes me really believe European people shouldn't eat it. I used to be so allergic to caesein (milk) and citric acid that I couldn't have even a sip of milk or one single strawberry without throwing up almost instantly and having stomach problems for two or three days afterwards... but now that I don't eat gluten I have milk, cheese and ice cream ALL THE TIME and I probably eat citric acid every or every other day and haven't had a single issue with it.

  6. That's weird that it was cutting off your text. I wonder if it does it for long replies, I'll see if mine runs out too. So far so good! =P

    Ya, it can be bad, but if Ryan is sensitive to it, her would know if you shouldn't eat the CC.

    And I agree, I think everyone should be on a gluten free diet! Everyone who tries it ALWAYS say that they feel better.

    That's really interesting about the citric acid and milk! I wonder why that would be. Maybe your intestines are better than they were before because the gluten was kind of messing them up, so know that they are 'healed' {even though you don't have celiac} they can handle the other stuff better. That's really awesome that you figured it out. I'm fine not eating gluten, but I could not imagine living without things that have citric acid! I LOVE OJ too much. =]

  7. Yeah I think it was the combination or something. Even Ryan used to be allergic to like beef because eating burgers all the time, his body seemed to think he couldn't have that and then once he stopped eating any bread his antibodies in that area went down. Weird, eh?
    I think a big part of it is eating FOOD instead of just chemical junk like we eat so often. I was thinking about that the other day, some people only ever eat like canned fruit and fast food and frozen TV dinners. They're getting almost no real food in their bodies, so crazy!
    I think life is too short to worry TOO much about being super healthy all the time so I still I'm enjoying what I eat too.
    If you get that sick from Vince drinking a beer that just makes me feel that much more confident about my decision. He does seem to do a little better now that I'm not eating it too.
    Plus I never have to worry about cross-contamination in our kitchen.
    My family is super hillbilly though and for some reason, even though it doesn't effect them at all, a lot of them pretty much hate me for going GF. It's pretty dumb.

  8. Beef affects me too! But ground beef still does. =/ I eat steak and stuff though, but not hamburgers. I agree with you though about what we it is different know. Not as much processed stuff! I'm not extremely concerned with eating healthy either. A lot of the foods that I crave, like stir fry, is healthy anyways! I'm fine eating chicken wings 4 days a week, so obviously I'm not too concerned about what I eat. =] hehe

    That sucks that your family doesn't approve of it. It's such a huge part of your life once you commit to it, so it would be hard without that kind of support!

  9. Yikes. My personal opinion is that mural is getting toward the creepy side. After seeing a show about Julia Gnuse I begin to wonder about this addiction to tattoos that so many people have. Is it the endorphins released from the pain of the tattoo or just a substitute for another addiction or just the urge to cover your skin or what? Checked out any old ladies with tattoos. You know those are permanent and as you age your skin stretches and sags and wrinkles which alters your tattoos, which also fade with age. Okay I'll shut up and get back to Grandpa Ron's taxes. ♥U
    PS I sent you something for the back of your car.

  10. I don't think it's the endorphins or anything like that to me. I LOVE the art or it and it's an awesome way I represent myself. Some people dye their hair, cut their hair, wear crazy clothes, get piercings etc, but I choose to get tattoos! I joke about how it's addicting, but I don't 'want' it like I was a soda, or something like that. I don't feel like I NEED the tattoo or anything. I just want it. I love women who have beautiful tattoos and are successful. And yes, I know my skin will stretch and my tattoos will, but I'm ok with that! I completely accept that part of getting tattoos. Who knows if I'll even make it to an old age?! I want to, of course, and I always try to think of the future, but I also like to live in the 'now', and this is what I want. =D

    <3 you too, have fun with taxes! haha

    And thanks, I'm excited to see it!