Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trix: Not just for kids!

You may have seen Yoplait Trix yogurt in a picture of my breakfast that I posted last week, and you may have wondered why in the world I am eating Trix yogurt when I try to stay away from sugar. {Except my once a day treats.}

Well, here's why:

My little brother Will wanted it, and it was his brithday. 'Nuff said.

But I'll tell you a story anyways.

On Will's birthday, we went to Sam's Club to pick up some wings to eat for dinner {yes, Sam's Club sells GLUTEN FREE CHICKEN WINGS and yes, I eat them ALL THE TIME} and we happened to walk by the refrigerated aisles. Of course the kids foods are right at eye level of little 3 feet tall kid, and of course my brother just had to have them. He said that he just loved it and wanted it so bad. When I asked what his favorite flavor was, he said he's never tried it before. I laughed and asked why he had to have it then if he didn't know that he liked it. He said that he just knew he would like it, and could he please have it? 

Being the awesome sister that I am, I told him I would think about buying it, but we would pick up the other food we needed first. 

On the way to checking out, he reminded me about the yogurt so we bought it. 

There's less sugar than most regular yogurts.

Before I bought it I wanted to check to see how much sugar was in them because I didn't want to buy $8 worth of yogurt just so we could eat 2 cups for dessert. After looking at the nutrition facts, I was shocked to learn that there was LESS sugar in the Yoplait Trix yogurt than in regular 'adult' Yoplait yogurt! Yes, LESS.

In a 4oz cup of Trix yogurt, there is 14g of sugar. In a 6oz cup of 'adult' Yoplait, there is 26g of sugar. If I'm doing my math right, that means that if the Trix was 6oz, there would still only be 21g of sugar in it! 

{I know, I could get the 'light' yogurts, but I'd rather eat the HFCS as opposed to the fake sugar. And yes, I also know I could just buy plain yogurt and add my own sweetener stuff like agave, which I already do. I just like a little variety!}

I really really REALLY miss freezing Go-Gurts as a kid and eating them.

The first thing Will asked, after "Can I have please have it?" of course, was if we could freeze it. I almost died and went to heaven because I love frozen things like that! As soon as we got home, we threw it in the freezer so we could eat it for dessert with our other brother Connor. It was delish.

So those 3 reasons are pretty good, right? The main thing that got me, though, was that I could freeze it. When I eat it frozen, it takes me a good 1/2 hour to eat the tiny container of yogurt! So it's a lasting snack...

Do you have any 'kid' snacks that you eat? Before I went gluten free I LOVED things like Teddy Grahams and dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch!


  1. Oh how I love your stories...You can turn even the most simple, everyday life sort of things into a fun to read and interesting story! Your little brother sounds so cute. I miss when my brother Jasper was little.

    I used to looove Go-Gurt, but now the only yogurt I can eat is that O Organics VANILLA BEAN!!! MMMM =] I still love teddy grahams. My favorite little kid snacks (well candy) is Fun Dip. Remember that? haha But I rarely eat it because my mouth is bright blue for days..

    ♥ you!

  2. Oh, man, I love Dunkaroos, but only the ones with the vanilla sprinkle icing. Mmmm. I need to try freezing yogurt. My absolute FAVORITE snack since childhood is frozen grapes... which is probably a little lame. I didn't like sugary things as a kid (I could only stomach one Dunkaroo a week), and am still not a big fan today.

  3. Thank you, they're always so fun to write! And Jasper is still relatively young! There's nothing like them being a 'baby' still, though.

    And yes, I still LOVe that yogurt! haha I totally remember FunDip, kids eat it at the library all the time! Just thinking about those things make my teeth hurt. =P

  4. I've never had a Dunkaroo before, but I looked it up on Google and that is totally something I would have loved as a kid! It reminds me of those cheese dips.

    And I LOVE love love frozen grapes, I still eat them now! I love freezing my 'old' grapes that get too soggy and not tart, because then they are still sweet in the freezer.

  5. I've never seen those over here... but they look interesting!!

  6. Hey! Thanks for letting me know about the typo. ;] Everyone knew I meant a thousand but still if I had known I made that typo I would have changed it as soon as possible. Like I just did! haha! But thanks for pointing the typo out. :] I still stand on what I said though about everything else.. just not the million. ;] <3

  7. It says Trix! On the cover, that would have been enough for me. Haha.

    Um, I love pickles! That's not a kids snack per se, it is just random HOW MUCH I love them.

  8. They taste pretty much the same as any yogurt, like strawberry-bannana and raspberry!

  9. I'm glad you still stand for what you said, I do as well. =D

  10. I know, seriously! haha

    And I LOVE pickles. It's really weird, but my favorite time to eat them is for breakfast...