Sunday, March 20, 2011

Salutary Sunday

No blogging for me recently! It's be crazy in this here house of mine.

I'm slaving away for my Etsy shop, and I'm excited to announce that it's opening April 1st! {Yes, April Fools Day!}

I have a couple of exciting things planned, so I had to have it opened by then. Meaning you'll have fun jewelry to look at! {And buy, ya?}

What did I make this week?

Well, I made this little boy happy!

{He couldn't see because the sun was too bright...}

My 'baby' brother Will turned 6 on Friday, so Vince and I took him out to pick up his present and get some lunch at Subway. He said that he wanted a foot long like Vince, but needless to say, he did NOT get that. It sure was funny, though.

I think he is the cutest little man in the world and is so incredibly smart. I remember realizing when my other brother Connor was 'smart' and it's such a fun experience being an older sister. One day Connor, Pam and I were talking and Connor said that he was 'puzzled' about something. Puzzled was a word I had heard before but it wasn't a word that was really used in my house and since he was probably only 8, Pam and I just turned to each other and were like, 'Wow, that's a good word to explain how you're feeling!' I bet that doesn't seem like a 'smart' moment to some people, but I guess you had to be there! 

Will, on the other hand, uses big and complicated words all the time, unlike any other 6 year old I've met. It's so fascinating to hear him tell a story and have it be so detailed. He's such a joy to be around and Vince likes him to. When we were walking around Will just grabbed his hand and it melted my heart! It  was so adorable.

{Note to self: countdown from 3 before you take the picture.}

For his birthday present, he picked out a ZhuZhu pet and 2 armors for them. 

{Thor on the left with new armor, and the new Drayko on the right with the new armor.}

They are these little automated hamsters that battle each other and make crazy sounds. He is OBSESSED with them and knows all 8 of their names, the names of their armor, etc., and always like to recite them to you. He also likes giving you little quizzes and asking which is which. His mom, Pam, knows almost all of them, too! Haha.

He now has all 8 hamsters and armors and it building the track they play in. He loves them, and he told me that he was 'so excited that his stomach hurt' when we were buying them.

{Side note: I've always been made fun of for my 'Chinese eyes' by my brother and sister. I never really had eyes that were similar to my family, and they are always so small when I'm smiling and are a little poofy. Whenever I talk about my eyes with Vince, he denies that they look squinty, but a teen at the library asked me the other week if I was Chinese! These pictures definitely show how squinty they are...}

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