Monday, April 25, 2011

Fat Cow.

I know, I know, I haven't posted a Salutary Sunday post yet! I was busy all day yesterday making things I love and cleaning, so I didn't get around to it. And then today, of all days, I decided to start working out again. So I did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and now my legs are made of jelly and I just want to sit on my couch and read a book...not hangout with the computer. TOO MUCH THINKING INVOLVED. So, I will leave you with a post that I wrote over the weekend. I find it hilarious, buuuuut I doubt you will. So, sorry about that.

If you read my Saturday Love post this weekend, then you know I came across a disc that had goodies on it from 2005/2006. Out of many things saved on the disc, there was a paper I wrote and I find it especially awesome, though I'm not sure if you all will. I had a class assignment to write a paper as if I were running for class president. Here is my response:

            "I, Fat Cow, want to be your class president because I want to make the Flagstaff Middle School 8th grade more functional. If you vote for me I promise that each and every one of you will be heard. I promise to be trustworthy and very responsible.  Some of the main things I want to change is the dress code, when we can use cell phones, and how much time we have between classes.
            I want to change the dress code because many students express themselves and their “styles” through their clothes. Girls, if you to be able to wear skirts and shorts, then you should be able to; guys, if you want to sag your pants, then you should be able to! All in all, I want to have the 8th graders be allowed to show off their many “styles”.
            Another thing that will change if I am your class president is when we can use cell phones. Has one of your friends ever come up to you and asked if you wanted to hang out after school? If so, how did you get a hold of your parents? Did you maybe go to the bathroom and use your phone, or hide outside of school hoping that a teacher wouldn’t see you? That’s what many students do because they are afraid of getting their phones taken away. Well, that will no longer have to happen. I will make it so that you can talk to your parents before school, at lunch, and after school.
            And last but not least, how much time in between classes will change if I am your class president. Besides getting an education, I think one of the main reasons youth come to school is to see their friends. The half hour at lunch time isn’t enough! Us teens have so much to talk about and not enough time, and I want to change that so that we at least have 5-6 minutes in between classes.
            These are only a few reasons why you should vote for me, Fat Cow, as your Flagstaff Middle School 8th grade class president. Again, I will listen to every word you guys say and do something about it. I want your middle school years to be the best years of your life. Vote for me! Fat Cow!"

Ok, {1} HOW DID I FORGET MY NICKNAME WAS FAT COW?! Seriously, how does one forget that fact? I was called that for quite some time and had no recollection of that anymore until I read this paper. {2} OH THE DRAMA. The only 'big issues' in my life at that time were really cell phone use, dress code, and class schedules? I didn't even HAVE a cell phone at that time! and {3} I'm not sure if you noticed, but I was a pretty good writer. I kind of surprise myself at how well that paper was thought out. So organized you guys!

What were your nicknames in middle school? I had a few other ones, but I don't remember them now...old friends, help me remember!

And now, I will leave you with this:

{I love this picture, it's perfect in every way, and it's especially great because it was shot on a disposable camera! This was on a river trip with my best friend from elementary/middle school, Micaela.}


  1. You're making me want to go dig through all of my old stuff instead of putting it away!
    I remember running for president! I instead became the social manager and decided I was too anti-social for student council so didn't run in high school.
    I had a friend my freshman year of high school who always called me Firebert, though I never knew why, and I've been called Papa for several years now since Sara comes up as papa in T9 texting mode.

  2. You should at least keep some of it out! I have a lot of stuff in a huge bin in the closet, but I also keep a smaller box of things I REALLY love and that I like to go through every once in a while. I bet you can find a spot for something small!

    I don't think I ever wanted to run to student council or anything like that in middle or high school, I was too much against everything like that. And social manager sounds like a scary job; I was social, but not THAT social!

    And Firebert is a strange nickname hahah

  3. Well it was middle school so "social manager" literally only meant I was in charge of picking the colors for the dances... and considering they were basically always near a holiday, it was pretty damn easy.
    And yet I still hated it.
    I mean I have to put it all in boxes to put in the trailer. We set up a sweet clutter-box station at the foot of our bed ha ha.

  4. This - combined with your middle school picture post - definitely makes me want to go through my old stuff, haha. I actually ran for Vice President in 8th grade (my best friend and my sister-in-law was running for President, so it was perfect). My friend won the race for President but I lost Vice Pres. to a 7th grader. I remember being so upset at the time, haha. I was such a sore loser back then - I quit Student Council entirely because of that.

    As for nicknames, I only had one: Laser Beam! My 8th grade math teacher used to call me that because my maiden name was Beam, haha. I told my friend Danny about that nickname in high school and it stuck with me ever since.

  5. Go through some old stuff, it's always fun!

    I was a sore loser in middle school too...and high school for that matter. =P

    Laser Beam! hahaha That's such an awesome nickname!