Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Love: Middle School Edition

While going through some old music CD's yesterday, I found a disc labeled Transfer 1. Having no idea what it was, I popped it in my computer and OH MY GOD. Awesome things from 2005/2006 like pictures, papers I wrote for school, quotes, stories, and video. So for my Saturday Love, I am posting some pictures that I love and that prove a lot of things about who I was. I want to print them all and keep them forever!

{1} Proof that I was artistic and saw the beauty in everything:

{I doubt anyone else in the world could see the beauty in the silver plug!}

{2} Proof that I was great at cleaning:

{And yes, that is a hammock hanging from my ceiling! My dad was a pretty cool dad.}

{3} Proof that I was always a giantess who never fit in my shirts:

{4} Proof that I was always fashionable:

{5} Proof that I was always normal looking:

{Goodness, so much BLUE.}

{6} Proof that I was independent and didn't have to be with my friends all the time:

{7} Proof that I was extremely photogenic:

{8} Proof that I was athletic at one point in my life:
{9} Proof that I was always a healthy eater and that I didn't spend massive amounts of time at Bigfoot BBQ eating french fries:

{10} Proof that I was always wearing high end jewelry:

{11} Proof that....oh my...I have nothing to say about this:

And yes, that is a gallon jug lid on my necklace. My boyfriend made it for me, shut up.

Does anyone else love going through old things? I know I love going through old letters, notes and photos. Whenever I do I always laugh, but I also get an overwhelming sense of sadness. I MISS those easy days! 

They felt so tough at the time and many days it felt like my life was going to be over, but looking back, they were so simple. All I worried about was my boyfriend, my friends and homework. I know when I'm older and have kids of my own, I will look back at these days and feel the same thing. 

I'm sure I will also look back at my 'fashion' posts and laugh at myself and be so awesomely embarrassed, just like I am now. I can't wait to show you guys more pictures. It was hard to narrow down the 500+ pictures I found to just 11!


  1. All I can say is: awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are amazing!!! What a find =) And thanks for sharing! I laughed so hard at the gallon jug necklace, more at myself because I totally did not realize that was what it was! You're a good girlfriend - I usually hid things like that in the back of my closet...

    Also, I dyed my hair blue like that too!!! Awesome! I was so stoked about it until it started to fade and turned into like 10 different colors, none of them pretty...

  3. I was a total freak so I thought it was cool to show stuff off like that! baha

    And I loved my blue hair until it faded as well! My just faded to WHITE and it looked so bad haha

  4. Oh my goodness ha ha seeing this makes me so happy... I feel like all of my middle school photos show a different kinda kid so it's nice to see you have your nice hair and your blue hair and your pigtail buns and such... and the bedroom, that's just like mine always looked too. My poor parents lol.

  5. I know, I was all over the place! haha And I didn't put of the pictures of the 6 other hair colors I had...oh my.

  6. Oh, Saturday Love. I miss you so much it hurts.

    1. I'll try and bring it back soon. I've got like a million link bookmarked and so many things I'm loving!!