Thursday, April 28, 2011

Salutary Sunday...on a Thursday!

I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow morning, and I'm kind of stressed! I've been trying to get my house super clean all week because my brother will be staying here while we're gone and I just simply don't want to come home to a dirty house.

Because of that, I haven't read any blogs for 3 or 4 days, and I haven't blogged either! It's been a nice unintentional break. After this post, I probably wont blog again until Monday or Tuesday when I get back. We'll see.  ♥

So here's my Salutary Sunday post...on a Thursday!

Throughout the week I was working on my curtains that I'm going to put up in the bedroom. It's a blue background, and I'm cutting circles out of 3 different fabrics to applique onto it. I'm so excited that it's getting close to being done. I just have to put all the circles onto the blue fabric. Once I'm done I'll have a simple tutorial post for you guys!

While I was cleaning this week, I decided to do a 'deep' clean and went through some drawer in a side dresser. When we moved, we didn't go through it, just left everything in there, so it was messy! I found some old sewing projects that were half finished, so I decided to finish this one:

It's a rice bag for a kid! I think I meant to make it an octopus type thing, but there's only 7 legs...hmm...

I also made some new earrings and a bracelet...

While doing the dishes, I noticed there are flowers growing on my plant that I didn't know grew flowers! That was pretty exciting.

And lastly, I did a whole lot of reading on this here couch. It was wonderful. 

I love the accomplished feeling I get every time I read a book! I just finished Across the Universe, and while I LOVED it when I was reading it, I'm kind of 'eh' about it now. It wasn't the greatest book, but I'll definitely read the second book when it comes out!

So that's all I've done recently. Not too much, yet I've been pooped out! All I've felt like doing was reading.

Have you guys done anything?


  1. Better late than never! =]
    Enjoy your vacation!!! Where are you going?

  2. Have a great vacation!!! :) I'll be featuring your amazing guest post tomorrow. So everyone can get an awesome input from you on Friday still :) :)! Hearts and Thank you, Janna Lynn

  3. Have a safe trip and fun trip. Hoping you come home to a clean house!!! ♥U

  4. Just got back and it was still clean!

  5. We went to LA and Redlands in CA!

  6. Oh how exciting! What did you think of LA? Been YEARS since I went but man is that big city the opposite of Flagstaff! Is Redlands where the giant Redwoods are? I really want to go there someday too if it is. =]

  7. Most parts were ok, but so much of it was just dirty! haha and nope, that's not where the Redwoods are, I wish! I definitely want to see those some day!

  8. Well now I feel stupid. Obviously in my defense nothing in CA should be named "Red" unless it has to do with the Redwoods, right?
    And have you finished those curtains yet? Now I'm even more excited to see them because I hadn't pictured them with the circles!