Sunday, April 24, 2011

Funniest. Stuff. Ever.

Thanks to an awesome Facebook friend, you can now see quite possibly the best thing ever:

I don't think life can get much better. 

Oh, wait! It can get MUCH better:

Check out this website for more of these. 
Warning: You may get the worst stomach ache ever because you are laughing so hard!


  1. LOL!!! Daniel and I have a lot in common. lmao. This was good.

  2. I went to the website and thoroughly enjoyed what I found. =D

  3. Yes!!!! I love this! But actually, the website would probably infuriate me!

  4. hahaha oh my heck, you have definitely introduced me to my new favorite website. Especially that second one, haha I seriously can't stop laughing.
    This reminds me of another site - Some of them are kind of iffy (I'm warning you now:) but some are freaking hilarious. (Like this one:

  5. I LOVE that website too! I have it bookmarked and whenever I go there I waste way too much time! haha and that link didn't work. =[