Saturday, October 13, 2012


First off: I know I wrote a dramatic post about destroying my thyroid with radiation, but Vince and I have nixed that idea. After further research, we decided we're not comfortable with it and it can take years to balance out thyroid levels after, which means years before a baby! No thanks. A lot of people also don't ever feel 'normal' again after RAI, and I'm usually one of those people with the weird symptoms, so I'd rather not risk it. I'm not sure what's going on baby-wise, but we know we're not doing RAI so a healthy baby will come sooner rather than later. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and emails! Much appreciated. ♥

Now that that's out of the way, here are some happenings lately.

|| I've made so many fancy quesadillas recently it's been wonderful.

I use a teensy amount of cheese (I don't actually like cheese since the last time I had the flu) to hold everything together and a bunch of veggies. One of my favorites has red onion, spinach, green onion, green chilies (we usually get a case of them from the farmers market when they do their yearly chili roast and freeze them) and mushrooms on corn tortillas. SO GOOD.

|| Speaking of green onions, I'm now growing some in my window!

They're only like 75 cents a bunch, but we use them so often (over 1 bunch a week) that it's nice to always have them around. Here's how I did it: buy a bunch from the store(I started with organic...might as well!), and use all of it except the bottom inch or two(the white parts). Put those bottoms in some water, with the water coming halfway up the bottom. Let sit for a week or so until roots start to form. Change the water on the 3rd day or so if it gets cloudy. Once roots have started, plant it in some soil. It grows about a foot a week! It's nuts. Just use scissors to cut off what you need. I potted mine in a cute little pencil holder that the wonderful Sara sent me. I poked holes in the bottom with a hammer and nails and use a teacup lid to catch the water. They grow best next to a plastic horse and lizard, fyi.

|| My husband was the cutest baby. I'm now convince we'll have the cutest kids ever.

|| Fall is here, and with it, Halloween decorations. I didn't want to mess with the fake webs and whatnot, but I got a few things from the dollar store and thrift store!

|| Oh, these pants happened. Aren't they lovely?
|| The last little harvest of the season from the garden.
Some of the mint I made into a tincture and the rest I dried for mint tea throughout the winter.
|| I saw one of my top five favorite bands ever, Rise Against.
And dear god, how I cried. For the past few years, whenever I listen to them I always think, "I'd kill to see them live!" Then for the past few months, while I've been waiting for the show itself, I'd still think that then catch myself and say OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO SEE THEM LIVE AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL ANYONE! It was amazing you guys, just amazing. Oh and they're on tour for the Florence Project. Go check it out, they're doing some great stuff!


  1. haha I can relate so much to the band thing. I was like that with Rammstein for months beforehand. And I had my ticket and everything and I still kept thinking 'no something's going to happen to fuck it up, this is too good to be true' and now when I listen to them I DO IT WITH PRIDE IN MY HEART because I saw them live. So I tottttally get it.

    I don't know how I missed your blog about the RAI. Omg, because, that's fucking intense and crazy, whoa. I mean there's a really nerdy part of me that goes LOL RADIATION LIKE FALLOUT OMG I LOVE THAT GAME but that would be the scariest shit ever.....I feel for you. Hey if you ever want me to carry your fetus I'm totally open to that, wow, that came out way creepier than it should've..............

    okay those pants are great and I'm going to stop talking before I ruin things even more.

    1. I totally had the thought of, "Ok, what is the biggest thing that would stop me from going? What if a famiy member died, would I still go?!" It was awful, but I would have been so sad not to go! haha

      So far there's no reason i can't actually my own baby, and I'm hoping it stays that way! haha but if not, you're the first person I will go to. You would be a cute pregnant lady!!! Especially if I let you wear my purple pants.

  2. I am so happy you are not doing the radiation thing. As much as I would love for you two to have a baby, it will happen when it happens. Be happy and celebrate the lives you share together. What was that corny song that was out a while back. . . don't worry, be happy!

    1. I'm happy I'm not doing it either! I'm glad I did more research and didn't just do what every single doctor has told me to do.

  3. I am leaving right now to go get the quesadilla stuff!
    Yay, I'm glad the little teapot tin worked! And now I am super excited to grow my green onions next year, but now I think I'll just grow them inside now!
    Vince was so stinkin' cute! Ryan and I looked the same ha ha but I'm going to put up pictures of use together later on as a side-by-side comparison/guess at what our bebe might look like.
    Target has all kinds of cute $1 Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations right now but I am too cheap to buy them. Now I kind of want to.
    You always look so cute in your colorful pants!

    1. You can grow them NOW, no need to wait until next year! They'll last year round.

      Wasn't he so cute?! He lost most of his baby photos in a house fire, so the few that his family does have are so fun to see. I'd love to see baby photos of you and Ryan!

      I was too cheap at first and wanted to make some of my own, until I realized it'd be cheaper to buy the dollar stuff! I've been enjoying decorating for holidays and couldn't pass it up!


    2. Oh my goodness, that's terrible! I'm glad a few of them were saved!
      Yeah, I had that mentality too but it's definitely way cheaper, at least for the things I want to make. I'm going tomorrow or Friday on my Target run. =]