Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outfit + Sedona Trip

I got complimented multiple times today on my outfit, so I thought I'd share it! I'm so excited that it's finally chilly outside so I can wear tights with my shorts and have it be normal. I don't wear shorts too often, but pants get so boring after a while!

When I got home from work Vince said I looked super cute, then immediately told me I needed to change out of it so I don't ruin it, as if I'm wearing my Sunday best. He says this anytime I wear anything outside of my normal attire! It always makes me laugh, but he says I'm bound to spill food on it, which is true.

Last weekend I went down to Sedona with part of my family and some family friends to say goodbye to a good friend that was going back home. (They aren't pictured since I didn't ask them.) It was fun to spend time with people I love and be in the sunshine.

We stopped on the way down to get some spring water!

A picture of myself!
This is the best accidental photo ever.
My little brother jumped up on the rock like that and said, 'Take a picture of me!' Such a little model boy!

I wasn't expecting any hiking so I wore my sandals but then we ended up hiking! Fortunately, they were way easy to hike around in. Thank you, $12 Target shoes!

So how was your weekend? Mine's been spent working, starting the first season of The Vampire Diaries, and avoiding homework!


  1. First of all, is that Vince's iPod scarf? If so, you thief! It does go great with those shorts though. I love this look!
    This post makes me miss Sedona! So much fun!
    My weekend was lovely and I'll post all about it in the morning. =] Is Vampire Diaries good? I'm a not a big vampire fan and didn't really like Twilight but I always hear great things about VD (ha ha) so I'm curious.

    1. Yes, it's his scarf! *hangs head in shame* I always steal his stuff haha but he wears it, too!

      Can't wait to go read your post!

      And yes, it's good! The first few episodes were so cheesy, but it's either gotten better, or I've just become more invested in it haha In on of the first few episodes it actually makes fun of Twilight and says how Ann Rice is better! (Granted, she is the author of TVD) I'm not a big vampire person either, but I do like this show!

    2. That's funny, I didn't know she was the author! Ryan and his dad always loved Ann Rice and were appalled when Twilight came in and took over the vampire scene. Ryan doesn't think he ever read TVD(much better than VD) but I'll have to ask my FIL if he has. He is one of those who likes to get into a TV series and buy the DVDs and just watch the seasons through. Once he finishes, he'll start a new one or start an old one over!

    3. Yep, she is! I've heard her books are great so I want to read those as well. And ya TVD is way better haha I was wondering why people were writing it that way on Facebook and Instagram, and then I realized why! TVD is instant on Netflix so I'm happy! I'm too cheap to buy DVDs haha

  2. Wonderful photos and you look great in that outfit! :)
    My weekend was busy. We started to move our stuff in the new house and went to the family jubilee celebration. It was actually fun and I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious vegan meal they prepared specially for me. In Slovenia they usually stare blankly if you tell them you don't want to eat meat. :)

    1. Thank you!!

      Yay for moving! That's always so exciting! That's so nice that they cooked vegan for you! I know how it feels to not eat something and have to explain it and get weird reactions. What a sweet family!