Monday, July 23, 2012

Honeymoon Road Trip: Day 4

Even though Vince and I got married almost a year ago in September, we are just now taking our honeymoon. Between school full time and work full time, it just hasn't been able to happen until now! To celebrate, we are taking a 15 day road trip from Flagstaff up to Seattle, then slowly down the coast. I will post about each day, though not necessarily on that day! I feel like breaking it up will be the only way I'll actually post about the trip because it's a lot less daunting. Some pictures are taken with the iPhone and the other with my Canon Rebel T2i. To read previous days, click here.

Day 4 was a nice relaxing day and was my 21st birthday eve! We woke up early and ate a delicious breakfast made by the lady in charge of the house, Boba. I felt silly taking pictures because everything was so fancy, but take my word, it was beautiful! We started off with fresh local fruit and yogurt, and then Vince got a pastry filled with cheese, broccoli, ham, egg, and bell pepper while I ate an omelet with   eggs, ham, cheese, and a bell pepper sauce as well as some mango peach salsa. It was so delicious. I'm not usually a breakfast person but this made me want to be one.
After breakfast, Vince and I drove out to where our friend Charlie was camping. There was a large bike race going on that was part of the Oregon Enduro Series so there were a lot of people out there. Vince was supposed to race, but ended up not racing and just rode instead! He said it was great riding and would love to ride it all day long. 
While Vince was riding, I ended up dog-sitting Roger and we had a good time. We first walked down to the river to watch a kite-boarding competition but it was pushed back an hour because there was no wind. The wind was sure to come though because that's what Hood River is famous for!
I didn't want to wait however, so instead Roger and I ran up a 1,000 step staircase.
It was hella long and Roger was so over it! Our innkeeper told me about it and once I started up it I just wanted to keep going. It was nice because it was going up the hillside through neighborhoods, so I'd run maybe 50 steps, cross a street, and run up some more. They were very secluded and so so green! Parts of the steps are rough because they were really wide, so you had to take two small steps or do long lunges. I opted for the lunges and I definitely felt the workout!
Instead of running down them, mainly because it was hard to hold Roger's leash and do it, we ran down through the neighborhood. If you've never been to Hood River, let me tell you, it has hills. Lots of STEEP hills, like steeper than I've ever seen. I thought my feet were going to slip out from under me a few times running down! 
After running around we ended up at a grassy park where I read and Roger slept. 
I finally started the second hunger Games book, Breaking Fire, and wanted to just lay there all afternoon. While it wasn't all afternoon, it was a good two hours!

When the boys were done riding, we walked to a pizza joint, which ended up being crazy. 
I don't know how to read the maps on my phone so we walked in the wrong direction for over a mile, then had to back track, and then walk the original 1.5 miles there! The Chaco sandals I was wearing was caked in mud from the previous time I wore them so I ended up getting a huge blister from them so I walked barefoot most of the way. The pizza ended up being pretty good though so it was mostly worth it. Along the way we also so the Henry Weinhard's brewery which Vince was excited about.
Isn't it weird to see a picture of yourself from behind? I never get that viewpoint and I look weird.

When we were done eating, we parted ways with Charlie so we could all relax before heading out for my birthday at midnight. 

Vince and I ended up lazying around the 'house' for a while and then I took a bath. Vince's dad and stepmom had Boba get roses for our room which was so sweet of them, and I wanted to put them to good use so I put them in the bath! I've never done that before, but again, the bathtub is romanticized in my mind and rose pedals fit the bill. 
After almost falling asleep and second guessing whether we should go out or not for my birthday, we ended up heading downtown which was a couple blocks away. 
After many questions and google searches, we came upon the realization that there were only two places open past 11pm that we could go to: Trilliam and Jack's. Jack's was a karaoke bar/Chinese restaurant, so we ended up at Trilliam instead. It was a chill place that had quite a bit of people simply because it was the only 'cool' bar that was open and we were able to play some pinball, which was 'for amusement only'.
We were all surprised by the flash, apparently.

The bartender questioned what day it was at first and I had to tell him it was 12:04 and I was indeed 21! He just laughed and gave me my gluten free beer. After a gin and tonic and a jello shot, we headed back home to sleep and get ready for our drive the next day to Seattle!


  1. Aw I love it! It all looks so lovely and fun! I definitely need to remember to take a rose petal bath next time I get the chance! I miss having a real bath tub so much! I used to take baths a few times a week to relax or de-stress.
    I'm really excited to see Seattle too. I'm so happy you're sharing all of your trip with us!

    1. I wish I could take baths that often, I just never fit! It would be rough to not have the option of a bath though. The roses were great and smelled lovely!

    2. Ha ha, you should see my bath tub now! It's like three feet by three feet. I have to scrunch up my legs and my left leg always falls asleep in there, but at least I can soak in hot water when I'm not feeling good.

  2. Hahah! You look like a drunky monkey in that last one. Can't wait to see you next week!

    1. I hadn't even had a drink yet! hahaha It was the flash, I swear!