Saturday, July 21, 2012

Honeymoon Road Trip: Day 3

Even though Vince and I got married almost a year ago in September, we are just now taking our honeymoon. Between school full time and work full time, it just hasn't been able to happen until now! To celebrate, we are taking a 15 day road trip from Flagstaff up to Seattle, then slowly down the coast. I will post about each day, though not necessarily on that day! I feel like breaking it up will be the only way I'll actually post about the trip because it's a lot less daunting. Some pictures are taken with the iPhone and the other with my Canon Rebel T2i. To read about previous days, click here.

The third day of traveling was just a quick 2 1/2 hour drive along the beautiful Columbia River after leaving our camp site at Hat Rock Campground and a quick trip to Hat Rock Lake.
That's supposed to be a hat rock.
I wasn't feeling well still (as evidenced by the awful look on my face above) so Vince drove part of the way while our friend Charlie followed along with his dog Roger in his truck. It was so pretty and we started to get into more greenery. Along the way, we happened to see an airplane that was doing crop-dusting which was SO COOL. Vince and I had never seen it before and we were just amazed to see how close it got to the ground. It was even going between the power lines which was super sketchy!! I wish I were able to get a picture of it. I was feeling so off and I didn't want to look for my camera and end up getting car sick as well. It was amazing, though.

I ended up driving for the last hour which was when we ended up passing an awesome dam. Vince managed to get some pictures of it flowing.
When we got into Hood River, we brought our stuff into the bed & breakfast we were staying in, The Villa Columbia.
It was a super cute place and we stayed in the Wind Room. Sadly, these are the only 3 pictures I took of it and they're from my iPhone! (Except a few bathtub pictures) Oh, well. My most favorite part was the bathtub, though! Just like every other girl in this world, the old bathtubs are so romanticized in my mind and I always think it'd be heaven to own one. While I still don't own was, I was able to soak in one and was actually able to fit my entire body in the water. I'm so tall so it usually never happens!

After getting a little settled in, we went to the downtown area and walked around. We went to Tace Del Mar, which was EXACTLY like Black Bean, a restaurant I used to work at where I met Vince. The food tasted identical!
After a few brewskis drank by the boys, Charlie went to camp and Vince and I meandered through the neighborhood before heading back to the B&B to finally relax after having driven 20+ hours in 2 days.
I must say, the houses were all amazingly cute. Even when I walked a couple miles from downtown they stayed cute!

We ended up going to sleep pretty early that night because the next night was my 'power hour' for my 21st and we also had to get up at 8:30 for breakfast! And yes, I chose the 8:30am time instead of the 10am time because I wanted to get the most out of our days!


  1. I love it! I need to add bed and breakfast to our to-do list. I've always thought they looked so cute but it's just never happened!
    I don't think I remember knowing that you and Vince met at Black Bean!
    I can't wait for the rest!
    Also, I'm sorry, but you've posted two posts in a row about not feeling so hot and have therefore left me no other choice.
    Maybe you're pregnant.

    1. Haha! I was also like, "Maybe she's pregnant!" I hope you are feeling better and enjoying your amazing trip.

    2. Haha NOT pregnant! Why I'd love to be, I am not.

      I'd say a B&B is worth it at least once. They are crazy expensive (like we would never have been able to afford one night) but it's fun to try at least once!

      Thanks Merry!