Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturday Love

Playing disc golf with the husband. Well, I walked with Roxanne and he played disc. I'm still recovering from a random stomach sickness I got yesterday!

The #whatshouldwecallnursing tumblr. If you've ever been around patients/patient care, most of these will make you laugh! This one about clipping a patients nails made me laugh extra hard because i was asked to do it for clinicals for my CNA class and I so didn't want to. (Luckily I didn't because he was at risk of diabetes which means we can't do it!) And this one as well. SO AWFUL. Oh, and this one. God darn it, just go read them all.

Pixar story rules. A Pixar story artist tweets some advice. Some are silly, but some can actually be helpful for a writer, like "#17: No work is ever wasted. If it’s not working, let go and move on - it’ll come back around to be useful later." I think Sara will appreciate some of these!

The Bed & Breakfast Vince and I will be staying at for a couple nights in Hood River on our road trip! My father-in-law and stepmother-in-law got us the place for our wedding present and we're super excited about it. I've never stayed in one (or anyplace so fancy) so it'll be fun. How could it not, given that they serve a 3-course breakfast?!
(I don't know if this is actually the room we'll be at, but it's one of the five rooms.)

Having an Otterbox cover for my iPhone. I ordered one when Vince ordered one and it's great. I dropped my phone on the trail today and it survived!

The woods. Vince and I were talking about how we're excited to live someplace with real greenery, not Flagstaff greenery, which is all the same green and brown because we don't have a wide variety of plants here, but I will miss it!

My brother Connor! He turned 19 on Friday!

Gossip Girl. I stopped watching it during Season 3 for some reason but started it again this week on Netflix. It's so cheesy and girly and Vince sits there and comments through the ENTIRE show when I watch it and he's home, but I'm addicted!

The hostel we'll be staying at in Seattle. (Sorry, you're probably sick of me talking about my road trip!) It's an art hostel so all the rooms have the walls painted differently by local artists. AMAZING.

This interesting article about a Mormon man who is openly gay, but is married to a woman and has children. 

This vlog that Patricia did. OH MY GOD, I just laughed so much.


  1. That nursing tumblr was goddamn hilarious. I kept cracking up. EMT school is probably like, 1/10th the effort of regular nursing school but I could still get the jokes, so it's okay. I'll definitely be sharing that with my friend who just graduated with her RN.

    And I'm so glad you liked my vlog. I honestly wasn't trying to be that funny, that's just how I talk most of the time! Seriously. Now you've boosted my confidence because I think I'm hilarious.

    Anyway, your road trip sounds so amazing. I am really really jealous, but excited for you guys! any chance of stopping by ol' SLC? I almost stayed in a hostel in Denver but ended up not having a way to get there. Sucked, because I have always wanted to try a hostel. Still, that one you posted pics of looks waaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than any I've ever seen.

    1. I'm obviously not a nurse but it applies to so many people, including you!

      We're going to stop by most likely but not stay the night!

      I've always wanted to stay in a hostel as well so I'm way excited!

  2. Even though I was never a nurse I pulled that up because of my work with special needs people/kiddos and some of those things rang so true!
    Thanks for the Pixar tweet but can I get the link to the rest? I don't have a Twitter account so it's not letting me look it up. =[
    I watched Gossip Girl up to it's current season lol. Not my style but for whatever reason I was hooked too. It gets even cheesier, just wait. And I know exactly what you mean about the forest! I always used to tell Ryan "I'm excited to see a real forest, not a desert forest." Most people don't really get that unless they're actually from the area.
    And I'm so excited for your road trip! The bed and breakfast looks amazing and that hostel looks far less creepy with the walls painted. And oh yeah, I'm referring to the movie Hostel since I've never actually been in a hostel. That's how I roll.

    1. Ya, that tumblr applies to so many people, pretty much anyone with patient care!

      Whoops, here's the link: I meant to link to it, so I went back and edited it as well. I don't have twitter either!

      I've only seen Hostel as well, and when I told my mom we were staying in one she was like, "Don't you know what happens in those?!" Cracked me up.

    2. Oh thank you, these are awesome!! I'm saving them to go back to when I'm feeling un-inspired. =]