Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A date.

I went on a real! live! date! with my husband last night. One that we had planned out the previous day and wasn't a, "Hey, all the dishes are dirty and we have no food in the fridge. Want to just go out to eat?" Ok, so maybe the food portion of our date went like that except every dish in the house was actually clean and I was totally fine eating fired tortillas and refried beans for dinner again, but our frozen yogurt part of the date was a planned date!

Vince really wanted to add a movie to our date as well, but I was like, "Bro, have you checked our bank account? We are broke and cannot afford pizza, a movie, and frozen yogurt." So we settled on pizza and frozen yogurt.

After meeting with a friend who is going to watch Roxi while we're gone on our road trip (Melissa, you are a saint!) we walked down to Fratelli's pizza. It's really delicious and relatively cheap pizza, but it always ends up being a little expensive for us because we have to get separate pizzas since I'm gluten free. It only comes in small, so it's not enough for us to share, but if we both get smalls there enough leftovers for lunch the next day, so it's worth it.

After pizza we went to the new BTO Yogurt shop that just opened up on Tuesday.
Vince had ran into the guy who opened the place when riding his bike and the guy was lost. The guy ended up telling Vince all about BTO and Vince relayed that info on to me, so I was super excited for this place to open up! It's a self-serve frozen yogurt bar and I have never been to a place like it. (Though there are several places that are like this) I loved that they had little symbols on the signs above the yogurt saying which one was gluten free/dairy free and there was no chance for cross-contamination like there would be at a place like Cold Stone Creamery. No spoons are involved! The 'toppings' counter had a chance for cross contamination because it did involve spoons, but it was extremely clean and I could see where cross contamination could occur, and most gluten free stuff was separate from the gluten-filled stuff. I don't like toppings on my ice cream anyways.
I got Irish Coffee frozen yogurt with white chocolate chips, gummy worms, hot fudge, and m&ms(bottom in the picture). Vince got Reese's Peanut Butter Cup frozen yogurt with cheesecake bits, graham cracker, and peanut butter sauce(top in the picture). For a guy who doesn't like sweets and whom I've seen eat sweets maybe 5 times since we've been together, he sure loaded it up! We both really liked ours though and I can't wait to go back. And the nice things about it is it's priced by the ounce, so if you're broke you can get yourself just a little bit for a small price! (AKA awesome date for poor people.)

So this would be a perfect place for a picture of us two, BUT I forgot to take one. Wah wah wah.


  1. hahaha I love that you're so gangsta you called your husband 'bro.' I loooove those frozen yogurt places that weigh by the ounce. Plus they just have a really fun air about them.


    1. He always laughs when I say bro but I say it ALL the time without even thinking about it! I don't know why haha

      I think we actually drive through SLC! I'll try and convince Vince to let us eat there or something if you're free! I think we go through on July 13th. We're camping our first night at Yuba Lake State Park which is before SLC I believe. I'll have to check. We can talk about it as it gets closer to see what your plans are! And considering I grew up Mormon, I can be a professional actress. haha

  2. Oh that's awesome, we LOVE frozen yogurt but there aren't any places like that here in Casper. Hopefully somehwere else we visit this summer though!

    1. That sucks! It looked like you had the best place in Prescott!