Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Love

I woke up early this morning to get ready for work, had a group project I had to meet up with for math, went to work, and now I'm at home eating a quick bite before heading up to the hospital for 4 hours of volunteering. Today is a busy day, obviously! Sara reminded me that it was SATURDAY, though, and that fact completely evaded my mind which means I had no Saturday Love post planned. So here's a quick and dirty version. Hollah.

||1|| Stripes on my shirt! It's one of my favs.

||2|| Salty Dog caramel apples from the chocolate shop. I love salt, but I must admit this is a wee bit to salty for me. After I pick off the big chunks it's perfect!

||3|| Diabetes in tha house. Gotta love me some Squirt.

||4|| Seing my face so many times. Weirrrd.

||5|| Summer school. All the deadlines come up so fast that I have to do the work immediately. This means that I don't have all that guilt I have during the regular school year from putting off assignments for weeks at a time. A test opens up one day and we have two days to take it or it's gone, no procrastination allowed!

||6|| Having a husband who doesn't know how to use his new iPhone. Instead of clicking 'end' when he wants to hangup, he pushes the home screen button, so I still get to listen to his conversations after he 'hangs up'.

||7|| This website with portraits of family members blended together, like half their faces matched up with another half face. It's INSANE how exact some of these people are.

||8|| Green tea with citrus. So tasty.

||9|| Sarah Rooftops What Makes You Proud To Be You. This is something I may have to do for myself soon!

||10|| Chili that my husband made! He spent yesterday 'laboring' away and made some fantastic chili that I ate for breakfast, now for lunch, and probably for dinner tonight.

||11|| Lastly, working in the garden. I was helping a neighbor lady takes out a bunch of weeds from what will be our shared garden. I've gone some fine Chaco lines there!


  1. Those apples look delicious! I'd have to pick the bigger salt chunks off too though.
    I miss Squirt so much! Ruby Red Squirt too. I'm gonna see if they have any when I go to Target in a bit!
    And now I really want to do one of those face combinations with my brother! We look a lot alike but not THAT much alike so I think it'd be pretty interesting!

    1. I haven't had a caramel apple in years and it was so good!

      I haven't had Ruby Red Squirt before...whenever I was given the choice between the two I'd get regular! i'll have to try it though.

      I want to do it too. I look so much like my dad and brother, I'm sure we'd be close to exact!

  2. mmmm squirt, i know a good alcoholic drink with that in it!!

  3. That website with the family portraits was so freaking cool. If my family weren't psycho I'd beg for some pictures like that of us.

    Also I'm so jelly you have a garden ;_; one of the setbacks of big city cramped apartment life. If I tried to plant something inside my cats would think that was hilarious. And then knock it over. :I

    1. I want pictures like that too, it's so awesome!

      You can have pots with plants or an herb garden in a windowsill! Maybe? I forget that cats are total assholes and ruin EVERYTHING. =P

  4. I feel like you're a little bit more gangster than usual in this post...