Tuesday, June 12, 2012

At the moment...

I: just got back from getting my hair re-cut. I realized that the girl who cut my hair last week at Aveda totally f'ed it up. There were a bunch of stray hairs she completely missed and the left side is significantly shorter than the right side. I feel like she was in a rush, but when $30 is being spent on a haircut, I feel it should be done well. So I went back today and another lady cut off the stray hairs (all the while muttering, 'What the hell did she do to your hair?' while I laughed) and I'm going to go back in two weeks to get the rest trimmed. It's already a little shorter then I wanted it so I don't want to go shorter, so I've just been pinning it back and you can't tell that it's cut wrong!

I am enjoying: the breeze coming through all my open windows with my dog sleeping on my legs.

I am listening to: Cat Power. Thanks to Patricia and her Music Monday post I am now addicted to Cat Power and question how I've never heard of her before. Some of my favorites are Metal Heart, Wonderwall (cover) and I Don't Blame You. I love females with strong voices (Madeleine Peyroux, Amy Winehouse, Ani DiFranco) so this is another great one to add to the list of artists that speak to my soul!

I am eating: chocolate chip muffins. My sister bought me some more goodies and I'm enjoying them slightly warmed up with a ton of butter!

I love: my niece. It's absolutely freaking mind-blowing to see how much she grows in between the times I see her. When I unbuckled her from her car seat today SHE CLIMBED OUT BY HERSELF. Geez, I was not prepared to see that tiny little body get herself out of the car! She also found a glove of Vince's and new exactly what it was for and put it on and waved at us, saw a baby at the library and yelled, 'Baby!!', and is waving and saying 'Bye' to people.
I feel: anticipatory. Vince and I officially planned out the first 5 days of our road trip and made reservations for hostels and campgrounds so it's finally becoming real! West coast here we come!

I wish: there was a new Grey's Anatomy. I hate that seasons have to end.

I am awaiting: a date with my husband tonight. A supposedly amazing frozen yogurt shop just opened up and since I haven't had frozen yogurt since I was like 7 and this place is gluten free, I thought we'd check it out and plan out more of our road trip at the same time.

I am dreading: nothing. I'm pretty content and feel like I can handle all I have on my plate at the moment. Except maybe laundry. Now that I think about it, I'm definitely dreading laundry.


  1. Aw such sweet pictures! You look good in yellow. =]
    I think your niece is at an awesome stage. I LOVE that stage. I always miss out on big chunks of it, but I can't wait to have my own little one and watch them learn and grow each and every day!

    1. Thanks! I like yellow as well but I realized this is the only yellow shirt I have!

      I also love this stage! It's so fun to go places with her now and see her absorb everything!

  2. Well this whole post is awesome and your niece is freaking adorable. It's nice to have kids around that aren't your own LOL because then you get to take them out and have fun with them whenever they're around. And it never gets old seeing how fast kids grow. It's kind of bittersweet, and that's cliche of me to say.

    ANYWAY! I listened to 'I don't blame you' and OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD YES. THIS. I am glad I stumbled upon Cat Power! But we can really technically thank Jeremy Renner. LOL

    1. I love being able to give her back to my sister haha It can get so tiring!

  3. If you like Cat Power and women with strong voices, you should totally check out Jenny Lewis. she is probably my favorite singer of all time. I love her band Rilo Kiley. It's good stuff. You guys are road tripping to Oregon, right? Through Utah or Cali? I can give you a few hints of places to check out if you'd like. :)

    1. Ooo I'm really digging her! I've been listening to a few songs on youtube and she's awesome!

      We're going all the way up to Washington! We're quickly going up through Utah (staying a night at Yuba Lake State Park and a night at Hat Rock Campground along the Columbia River) to Seattle. Then we're coming slowly down the coast going through California, so pass on your hints! The major cities we're going to stay in will be Seattle, Hood River, Ashland, Coos Bay, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Laguna Beach/LA. We want to make the drive fun though and see as many things as possible!

    2. In Seattle you must (of course) check out Pike's Place Market. If you are driving down the coast and go through Astoria (which is where The Goonies was filmed) then I definitely suggest Fort George Brewery, it's fantastic. I also suggest checking out the McMenamins website, they have a lot of locations throughout Washington and Oregon, and every one that I have been to is amazing. I've never been to Ashland, but I hear that the thrift shopping is fantastic.

      I am from Utah, but I have never heard of Yuba Lake State Park. It'll probably be crazy hot, but living in AZ, you are probably used to that ;)

      Also, if you drive through Newport which is along the Pacific Coast Highway, you can stop and see that giant Japanese dock that washed up.

      I hope you guys have a fantastic time! It's such a great time of year for a road trip, and you are going to a lot of great places!

    3. Yep, Pike's Place is definitely on the itinerary! There's a gluten free bakery that a lot of people recommend!

      We will be driving down the coast so I'll be sure to stop in Astoria. I heard it's beautiful. My husband loves beer and if they have a gluten free one, then it's perfect!

      We'll be in Ashland for 2 nights and I love thrifting, so yay!!

      I've never heard of it either until I searched for camping in Utah. There's a huge lake that the camping is on, so I'm pretty excited. And it's actually not too hot where I live since I'm in the mountains! Our high here is usually around 85-90 but it doesn't get that hot very often and we get TONS of snow. A couple years ago we had more snow than any place in the country, including Alaska!

      And I'm SO glad you mentioned Newport. Since seeing the pictures I wanted to look at it but I forgot about it until you mentioned it again! That would be crazy to see.

      Thank you for the recommends!!