Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dinner for One

Yet another good day to go into my life history. Nothing totally special about it, just good.

It started off with Vince calling me somewhat early (for me) from his work to ask me a few questions regarding my new bike we ordered for me that should be here Monday!
I've been interested in getting into road riding, and this is a great in-between that I can road bike with, yet still go on dirt trails and whatnot without it being to sketchy with teeny tires. It's also a great commuter bike which is good because I hope to start riding my bike to class more often next semester. It's a round trip of only 6 miles so I don't know why I haven't been doing it yet! Next semester I have a break between two classes and don't want to drive to school multiple times a day. I also have a friend who builds custom bike racks and is going to build me one that'll be useful for books and grocery shopping!

After talking with Vince, I got out of bed and read on the couch to keep myself awake, despite my body telling me to go back to sleep! I finished Plain Truth and started Gathering Blue. I of course loved Plain Truth because Jodi Picoult is the God of Writing, and so far I really like Gathering Blue.
When I was done reading, I took Roxi on a walk before heading to volunteer orientation. I have to say that most of the other volunteers that were at orientation were...different. One guy kept his phone on during the hospital tour and was texting the whole time! Every time he got a new text, it said 'Droid', and I don't know how the lady in charge managed to not yell at him for it. Another girl said she would refuse to volunteer if it meant she had to take out her nose ring because the hole would close up!

I wanted to have a good first impression so I covered my tattoos with one of my favorite shirts that I rarely wear because it's only hand washable, which I definitely didn't know at the time I bought it.
See, it's like I have no chest tattoos or a half sleeve! So sneaky...

Turns out no one else felt the way I did about a good first impression, though, because other people had their tattoos showing, mini mini dresses on, and boobs galore!

When orientation was over, I rode my bike to pick up my NAU ID card. I must say, I HATE when I have to take a photo for an ID! The cameras was are always basically at my waist on the counter, which causes me to look down, which never ends up in a good photo!
On my way home I also picked up the CSA share.
Once I put everything away in the fridge, I ordered some gluten free pizza and a salad for myself. Vince has a work meeting tonight, which means he gets to eat a bunch of pizza, so I decided to give myself the same treat! I ate it in the backyard with Roxi girl and enjoyed a warm breeze in the sun.

And NO, I did not order a Hawaiian pizza or one with pineapples on it! I ordered a ham and pepperoni pizza and this is what I got. GROSS. I always hated as a kid when it was my brothers turn to pick the pizza toppings because this is what he'd always pick. I just took off the pineapple and ate it separately!

Now I'm full and sitting on my couch with the windows open, alternating between watching Law & Order: SVU and reading Gathering Blue, which is how I foresee the rest of my night going!


  1. haha, I know what you mean about people not really caring about first impressions. I can't tell you the people I've seen come in for job interviews in the guy had his headphones IN ONE SIDE and you could hear the music WHILE THE INTERVIEWER WAS TALKING!!! I'm all for tattoo acceptance in the workplace, but I mean logic dictates it's always better to play it safe when you don't know the place. One reason I got my eyebrow pierced now is because in a year or so when I get all my firefighting stuff finished, I know they'll want me to take it out. I just wanted some time with a piercing LOL.

    But despite all of the derps it sounded like a good day!

    1. I just don't get some people! I understand not caring what other people think of you, but come on!

      I would of course love it if tattoos were accepted (which they actually are at the hospital here, even full sleeves, as long as they aren't offensive) but I would personally never show them at work in a hospital. I wouldn't want any patient to be uncomfortable with me as their CNA/Nurse/Doctor...whatever. Some professions just don't call for expression like that!

      That was a good idea to get you eyebrow piercing out of your system, in a way! It'll be sad to see it go, but it's so worth it to be a firefighter without one!

  2. I can't see your bike picture. =[
    I am so so so hoping I'll get to ride my bike more in WY! I miss that so much! Ryan will work less than two miles from our new park but it's down a highway so we'll have to see how it's set up. Hopefully like Flag with their awesome bike sidewalk!
    Wasn't Plain Truth awesome?! I kind of wished the ghost part wasn't in there, but mainly because I'd just read Second Glance which was her ghost story, but otherwise I just loved that book. Check out the movie through Netflix some time. =]
    I actually loved my NAU card (and still use it for discounts some times he he) but most of the time my ID cards always make me look super pale, or somehow always naked. Seriously. I used to somehow always wind up wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater in them, so one day I made sure to wear a white t-shirt instead and the photo was so washed out I looked like I was just super pale with no shirt on lol.
    And yuck, I hate ham & pineapple too. I can't handle those flavors together, plus I'm not really a ham fan any ways. That looks like a Fratelli's pizza. YUM!

    1. The picture should now be fixed!!

      That would be nice if there was even just a trail that went along the highway! There's one that basically follows the highway from Flag to Kachina Village/Mountainaire, so maybe there will be one like that in WY.

      I thought the ghost part was TOTALLY random and that there could have been some other way to bring them together, but I kind of just ignored that part as I read! haha I haven't read Second Glance yet, probably because of that. I don't usually like ghost stories, but I'm sure she wrote about it wonderfully and I'll someday read it!

      That is so funny about looking like your topless! The camera does cut it off in such a weird way that I could see how that could easily happen with the right shirt. And ya, white makes pictures so much worse!

      And yes, it's Fratelli's!!

    2. It is fixed now! I like it! It's a lovely color too.
      And good point, I hope there is a trail like that!!!

  3. I really like that shirt! Very cute. And I just don't get people sometimes. I think that the art of making a good first impression is becoming very, very lost!

    1. Thanks!

      And I agree, it is becoming a lost art!