Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Humpty-Dumpty 2.1.12

Look at that...IT'S FEBRUARY ALREADY. As a kid I never thought time would fly by, but oh boy, does it.

Humpty-Dumpty...get it? An iPhone photo dump on hump day? I know, it's so clever I can't believe I actually thought of it on my own. This happens every Wednesday, or every Wednesday I manage to do it. Click here to see previous entries. Want to join in? Leave me a link in the linky thing!
From left to right.
||1|| I went to the dentist last week and only had to get one cavity filled! 
||2|| Chipotle goat cheese. Best. Stuff. Ever. The inside is a creamy goat cheese that is from local goats, and the outside has a spicy chipotle 'rub'. It's amazing stuff, but will cost you your first child.
||3|| Newly discovered wine, though Vince said I have had it before.

||4|| Caramel corn that our aunt and mother-in-law sent Vince and I! (Which will counteract that cavity I got filled...) It's SO good. I brought some to my dad's house for him, my stepmom and brother and my dad basically ate the whole bag himself!
||5|| So, funny story. I dropped some uncooked quinoa on the drying mat while Vince was doing dishes. He told me I needed to clean it up soon or it would start to grow. I laughed it off, but the next day when I went to clean it up, the quinoa had already grown little tails!
||6|| A gorgeous tile we also got from our aunt and mother-in-law. It's so awesome! I need to find a spot to hang it.

||7|| Seriously Roxanne? THE BED WAS MADE.
||8|| A cup from a pair we got for wedding gifts made by a gal here in town. (I'll have to find her business card...)
||9|| When she cuddles, she likes to be all up in yo grill.

||10|| Me! Wearing shorts! At the gym! My legs are almost healed!
||11|| Homemade graham crackers using this great recipe!

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  1. Great pics! Gotta love the furbabies! The pic of her cuddling with you is SO cute!

    1. I love it when she cuddles like that!

  2. Mmmmmm, GF graham crackers!! Look at the burnt up marshmallow on her s'more too, so perfect! You and Heather both posted s'more-like posts today. Now I can't leave my house.

    1. I must say, I miss a good s'more!!