Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I was tagged by Heather at Brown Eyed Bell(e)! Here's the rules, in case you haven't seen them on the 50 thousand other blogs that are participating: 
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.
(Click here to read Heather's response.)

11 Random Things
I) I love sitting with the portable heater two feet from my body. Vince thinks I'm crazy and always says I'm going to burn myself, but I LOVE the heat.

II) Eating apples makes me feel like I'm starving. I can eat a full meal and be stuffed, eat an apple, and feel immediately hungry again. That's why I can only eat an apple before a meal, not as a snack. It makes no sense to me, and when I tell people this after they offer me an apple for a snack, they think I'm crazy.

III) I stick my tongue out when I'm focusing on something. Vince looooves making fun of me for this and will stick his tongue out at me until I notice him and then start laughing.

IV) I'm starting to really love my chemistry class. If you would have told me I'd feel this way five years ago, wait, no at the beginning of the semester, I would have laughed at you.

V) I like my bananas almost green. I can't stand it when they are ripe and soft. Yuck!

VI) I used to eat A1 Sauce plain. I'd pour it on a plate and use my finger to 'scoop' it up and stick it in my mouth. 

VII) I sometimes have to take my wedding ring off at night because I can't stop thinking about how it feels on my finger. It's not uncomfortable, but sometimes it bothers me to have something on my left hand and not my right hand, too, and I can't get my mind off it! Thank you, OCD.

VIII) I rarely read just one book at a time. I usually read at least two, and they are usually two completely different books, like a biography and a YA novel. Sometimes I'm in different moods and this is a good way to balance it out.

IX) I love the way my spider plant smells when I accidentally break a piece off. It's just so fresh!

X) I sometimes feel guilty buying something on sale at a local store. I feel like I need to pay full price so they can stay in business!

XI) The whole time I was typing this list I thought I only needed ten random things, so once I got to 11 my mind shut down on itself. Can. not. compute.

11 Questions from Heather 
1. Do you have any memories from elementary school?
So many! Here's a weird one: My bus stop used to be right in front of a crematorium. Literally, the bus stop was in the parking lot and we stood underneath the sign. I can't remember if it was a pet crematorium or humans (or both?). The people who owned the crematorium lived right next door, and part of the family was some young boys, one around my age. I was playing with him one day after school and he told me that every time there was smoke coming out of the chimney, they were burning a dead body. I had no idea that's what a crematorium was, but after learning what it was, I would look at the chimney every day while I was waiting for the bus and hoped that smoke wouldn't come out! On the days when there was smoke, I would freak out inside and wish the bus would come sooner!
2. What is your absolute favorite outfit to wear, and why?
I love jeans, flats/slip-ons, and a cute fitted shirt. I don't typically like wearing baggy clothes, I like things fitted!
3. Have you ever had to stay in a hospital overnight?
Not really. Both times I was admitted to the hospital was in the middle of the night though.
4. What is the farthest you have traveled?
Montana/Washington to see family.
5. Does your family have any type of traditions?
So many! Simple ones like eating potato soup and clam chowder on Christmas Eve after going caroling, singing the super long happy birthday song on someones birthday (ya know, after the Birthday Song, sing  "and Scooby Doo on channel two! Frankenstein on channel nine! Big fat lady on channel 80! A Whole lot more on channel four, and lets sing it again on channel 10!" and then sing Happy Birthday again?).
6. Is there any type of tradition YOU would like to start?
Vince and I started some of our own last year since it was our first year married! Click here to read the post about them.
7. What fills your heart with joy?
Babies. such a generic answer, but seriously. How can your heart not be filled with joy when a kid with two teeth grins at you or when a baby leans in to you for cuddle time?!
8. If you could change your first name would you? and if so, what would you change it to?
I used to say I wanted to change my name because I hated the spelling. No one would pronounce it right the first time and NO one knows how to spell it. (Even on Facebook! I mean seriously, MY NAME IS RIGHT ON YOUR DAMN SCREEN.) However, I love my name now and wouldn't want to change it!
9. Is there a day you would relive over and over if given the chance?
I don't think there is any day I'd want to live over and over again because then it would ruin it! Ya know, like how you eat the same thing for a few weeks or listen to the same song over and over and then one day you're totally over? I wouldn't want that to happen. (And if Groundhog Day has taught me anything, it's that living the same day over and over again gets old!)
10. What is your favorite part about blogging?
Definitely having is me like my scrapbook. It's so nice to have my pictures and thoughts in one place that I can save and share with others!
11. If money was not an option, what is the one thing you would do today?
I would go eat at all my favorite restaurants. PF Changs, Cusine of India, Cafe Ole...everything I love!

So I'm not going to tag anyone because most of the blogs I read have already done this! Instead, I invite everyone, and if you do it, let me know! Here's your 11 questions from me:

1) What is your favorite game to play on you phone? 
2) What was something silly you did as a kid? Imaginary friend, suck your thumb until you were ten, etc.
3) What is your favorite brand and style of shoes? 
4) What is the most money you'd pay for art in your home? 
5) What's your favorite food you can find in the frozen aisle? Taquitos, Burritos, Pies etc.
6) Do you like to travel? (I know some people like the idea of traveling, but hate the process!)
7) Do you wear glasses or contacts?
8) What genre of book do you like to read?
9) What is a job you wish you could do? (Even if you thought you didn't have the brains or ability to do it, like gymnast or astronaut or something.)
10) Do you like hot or cold weather?
11) What is your favorite drink? (Alcoholic or not.)


  1. Thanks for participating! I love reading random facts. I love that your family has so many traditions. Mine had none but I married into some pretty awesome ones!!

    The answer to your questions?
    1. Bejeweled
    2. I had imaginary pet friends
    3. Flats, no specific brand
    4. Never really thought of it, not much though.
    5. Tator Tots
    7. Neither
    8. YA
    9. I just want to help save puppies :)
    10. Colder, can't stand being hot
    11. I am such a weirdo, and rarely drink. IDK how I am not dehyrdrated.

    1. I love you answers! And I'm the opposite when it comes to drinking...I have at least 2 glasses of something every time I sit down to eat, whether it's milk, juice, water, etc! My husband always laughs.

    2. I also have at least 2 glasses of my beverage when I eat. But I think that's because I rarely drink at any other time. One of my goals lately has been to drink more all through the day. :D

  2. I had to laugh at number 2. I recently told someone that I get hungry after eating apples, and they thought that was the weirdest thing. But they don't make me hungry if I eat them after a meal. So I guess they only make me hungrier? I don't know. But it is interesting to see family traits!

    1. That's so crazy and awesome that apples do that to you too! I've never heard that from anyone else, so it's definitely a family thing. =)