Friday, February 24, 2012

Thriftinggggg and GF Cupcakes

Today was another one of those good good days. 

I woke up early to pick up my niece from my sister before she went to school and we went to the library for Parent/Child Play and Learn. Despite not being the parent, I still take her to things like that! Basically, in a room at the library (where I used to work) there are tons of toys everywhere and each week there is a new 'themed' therapists there. Sometimes it's a music therapy person, sometimes, like today, it's a speech therapist. Today the lady walked around talking to parents (or grandparents, aunts, etc) and asked them questions about their kids and how they were developing. Then, based on what their response was, she gave advice on how to help them with the stage they were at. She asked if Alyla was talking or anything yet, and gave me some advice on how to help her get 'talking' more (she's still at the babble stage and saying things like ba-ba). It's nice to have a professional to bounce ideas off of!

One thing that's really great is that Alyla gets to be around other kids. While my sister as at work, various family members watch her so she's typically by herself without other kids. So, it was good for her to get around other kids and play for an hour, and have songs at the end!

After Play and Learn, she was SO tired. She's not used to running around a room and interacting so much, so she fell asleep on the way to my house. She took a THREE HOUR nap, which was wonderful for me since I was pretty tired, too!

Once she woke up, I met up with my friend Cori and the three of us went to some thrift stores. Alyla wanted to just run around and not be held! Luckily she was only with us for two thrift stores before we dropped her off with my sister and headed off to more thrift stores. After a quick stop for happy hour at Sonic, we were done! Here are some fun things I found today for so ridiculously cheap I can't believe it. I'm usually not so lucky in the thrifting department, but I'm so happy with what I got today! Here is a little 'sample':
Two placemats for our new table. I've noticed water rings from cups and plates are kind of hard to get rid off, so I got these to use when we eat! They match that area in our kitchen perfectly.
These were 25 cents each, how could I pass them up?! They're so cute and a good sized drinking class.
And a perfect little baby spoon that Alyla totally loves and knows is for her. When I held it up to her she did her cute, 'Oooh!' pucker lipped face! 

To 'end' my day, even though it's not even 6pm, I munched on one of four gluten free cupcakes my sister bought me. She's bought me gluten free stuff before, but most of the time it's not cooked in a dedicated facility and contains trace amounts of gluten, so I can never eat it. I always feel bad telling her, but she remembered to check this time! And oh boy am I excited about her discovering them! She got them from Fry's freezer aisle and I can't believe how delicious they are. I'm even more surprised that a regular grocery store carries them! They are so moist and yummy. I ate the red velvet cupcake tonight, but there are also lemon, carrot and chocolate in the package. (Sara, you need to get some of these when you're in town!)

I had to take the frosting off because it was so rich, but I've never been a frosting person anyways. 

So, how has your Friday been? I'm going to finish the night hanging out with the ol' ball and chain watching TV and crafting!


  1. I totally had to go back and re-skim everything else you had said after the cupcakes. I'm definitely going to go on Wednesday! The only problem is that I can't decide if I should get two packages or split each one in half to share with Ryan. Probably two packages, right? Thanks for telling me about this!!
    I think that is awesome, music therapists and speech therapists and such! So much to be learned! Also, love those drinking glasses like crazy. And maybe I should get some placemats too. Ryan is almost never home for dinner when I'm eating because of his weird schedule. Depending on the day he usually eats at either 3:30 or 8... but I love to eat at the table and eat there for almost every meal!
    And finally, the spoon. That's my favorite spoon. I basically only eat with a baby spoon or a soup spoon, not sure why. I hate all other spoons. I'm like a spoon racist.

    1. I would get two, they're good and you can store them in your freezer! You can split them now, and then split them again later. =)

      I love having placemats on the table and always grew up using them. Aside from their basic function, it's fun to spice up the kitchen/table!

      I've always chosen the small spoons and forks from the silverware options. Luckily Vince likes the big spoons because I will never use them!

    2. Oh, and I looked at the price today of those cupcakes...$8.99! Super expensive! But, if I got a GF cupcake and New Frontiers or something they'd be the same price. Definitely worth it for a treat here and there, but goodness! So much money.

    3. Ugh, this is an outrage. But you're right, and I will still be buying them.

  2. If it makes you feel better, my Olivia didn't really start talking until she was 2. And she has never shut up once since then, and she's six. So.. maybe enjoy the silence a bit. :) My kids have never been in a daycare (my mom watches them) so they were really missing that kid-to-kid playing component which is HUGE for development. Luckily, we have a Family Resource Center in our town and they had classes like this and it has made the biggest difference in both of my kids and me. While the kids played in a supervised setting, the parents/caretakers/relatives went into another room and we talked about parenting topics which have been so incredibly awesome for me as a mom.

    I love, love, LOVE your glasses. Those would look adorable just on a shelf!!

    1. That's good to know about Olivia! I'm not too concerned with my niece because I can tell she's 'all there' and smart and whatnot. I definitely feel like once she starts talking though, she'll never shut up as well! haha

      I always forget about the FRC here in my town, so I'll look into that now! My library only does the Play and Learn a couple times a year for a month at a time and story times on days when I don't have my niece, so it would be great to have another option!

      I was thinking of putting the glasses on a shelf after my husband said, 'What, we don't have room in the cabinet for those!' They'd look great on a shelf in the kitchen!

    2. Use them for vases on your window sill or something! =]

  3. Those glasses are beautiful! so cheery!

    be sure to check my blog, I tagged you in a post today :D Feel free to participate if you want!