Friday, December 16, 2011

I love lists!

This is kind of a brief update about some things in my life. None of them warrant a full post, so you get this! Think of it as an assortment goody bag - they're the best! Oh, and what do you think of the new header?!

Work My official last day is January 12th at my current job. I am so thrilled and it makes the last few weeks do-able, but at the same time, I'm nervous! This will be the first time in almost 4 years that I am not working full time, so I feel like I'll have all this time I won't know what to do with! I'm pretty sure I still won't have time because I'll be in school full time, work part time, my niece for a day, and volunteering one or two mornings a week...wait a minute...this actually sounds like I'm going to be busier! Ha! BUT, it's a busy that I am thrilled to have because I'll be doing everything that I love.

iPhone 4 I get asked a lot what I think about my new phone and I used to rant and rave and say it was the most awesome thing ever. I still think it's the most awesome thing ever, but not for $90 a month! I have the lowest plan all around and it's still quite pricey. It's extremely convenient and great, but at the same time I could do absolutely fine without it. I've heard it's pretty handy when you are in the nursing program, so I'm hoping that's true!
Snow We got a storm this week and another one is supposed to come in this weekend. This one wasn't so bad and it hasn't been bone cold, so that's nice. It's been pretty sunny when it wasn't snowing, so it seems warmer than it is with that sun hitting you!

Dog Roxanne has gotten even worse with sleeping on our bed. As SOON as I sit up, she slides behind me and lays on my pillow. And I mean just sitting up, not even getting OUT of bed! She's so fast that I don't even get to pull the covers over my pillow before she does it. I love that she loves laying on our warm pillows, but COME ON. I'm so over the dog hair. I'm thinking a baby gate might be needed for our door soon! (We took off our door for more space and we just have a pretty curtain up...)

Husband Vince is a little over work like I am, so we're trying to figure some things out for him to do. Maybe work one or two days elsewhere? Take a class at the community college? We're not quite sure, but he's gettin' ready to figure it out. Maybe now that the mountain is open and he's learning to ski he will be a little less antsy!

School Finished, and I passed with a 4.0! Next semester I'm signed up for Chemistry, Biology and Math...what am I doing to myself taking all the hard classes in one semester?! I guess that's what I get for taking all the easy classes earlier.

Friends Wait, I have friends? Ha. I've been pretty busy this semester but I've made it a point to make time for my people. Not as much as I liked, but I'm so happy when I get to hangout, even if for a bit. I have a full weekend ahead of me with a few of them, so I'm excited about that!

Tattoo I still haven't remembered to take a picture of my healed half-sleeve, just this one I posted right after. (And my goodness...that post makes me want summer again!) I was going to take one now, but I have an appointment to finish it this weekend aaaaand it's too hard to figure out right now with my dead brain. It's pretty tricky to take a full picture of the tattoo because there are so many angles! I'll take one after this weekend though for sure!


  1. I really liked this post. It actually was very nice to have an UPDATE on your life. I miss you a lot and I'm very happy for you!! Hope to see you soon! What math are you taking? I'm going to get registered and figure out my financial aid info Monday! Hopefully I'll take one with you.

  2. I liked this goody bag... and I love your new header! =]

  3. I like your new header too!   I love how wintery it looks with all of the snow!