Thursday, December 15, 2011

I don't like titles.

About a year or so ago I was talking to my grandma about my mom and how frustrated I got sometimes. She said that sometimes I just get caught up on all the wrong things she did as a kid, and that I can't get past them. My grandma then told me how my mom used to own a thrift store and pointed out the building where it used to be, since we were driving past it. What?! I never knew that!

She said that my mom was a very creative person and that she always found a way to do what she wanted, and that's absolutely true. It made me think about all the other good things I don't know about my mom and made me realize that she is more than just the person I've created in my mind.

Since then I've focused my mind on the serenity prayer and accepted the things I cannot change about her, which has led me to be so thankful for my mother.  I'm still not as close to her as I could be, but we still have time to grow. I've been able to accept that we are different in SO many and that helps tremendously, instead of just fighting it.

I was an 'AA kid' so I've spent many years of my childhood at AA meetings (which was actually super fun...what 10 year old doesn't love sneaking coffee and sugar?)  so I know the serenity prayer by heart and think about it often as I've grown into an adult. I typically leave the God part off because I don't believe in Him, but I think the prayer is still something that has helped me be able to accept things throughout life, and more recently, has given me to courage to make some huge changes in my life!


  1. I love this prayer!  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aw, this was a nice one. I went through a rough patch with my mom a while back and I said this prayer quite a bit too. =]

  3. <3 this. I think we've all had those moments. I wish my momma was here so I could apologize for all our moments, hah. Thanks for linking up!