Sunday, December 18, 2011


The main thing I love about Google Analytics is that it tells you the keywords that brought people to your blog. I check my analytics every few weeks when I remember them, and it's always so funny to read through them. I've been meaning to post some of them for a loooong time but haven't gotten around to it, but after seeing Sara's, I thought it was about time! Here are some of the highlights, starting with the most searches:

Dinosaur Skin 
Barefoot in the snow
Onesie with bumflap, Why onesies have butt flaps, Onesie butt flap pattern, etc. So many searches related to onesies! 
Sugar makes me crazy
Carrot juice death
Dude sweet tatttoos
Fat giantess/teen giantess/giantess splash
Image of house crammed by people
Onesie porn (Um, seriously?!)
Sleeping guy
Where should I put my handbag when I am in a restaurant (As if I know that kind of etiquette...)
Years from now, I wont remember every friday night, or the things, that make us laugh so hard 'till our stomachs hurt, but I will always remember that you guys were the ones that I spent almost every good one with (Most of the searches I can correlate with certain blog posts, but this one? No idea!)
Who is in need of some head (Again, I don't see any correlation...!)

Do you guys have any funny keyword searches?

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  1. Lol I love it. Some of them make perfect sense, or you can at least understand why they happened... but some of them, no idea. =]