Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Humpty-Dumpty...get it? An iPhone photo dump on hump day? I know, it's so clever I can't believe I actually thought of it on my own. This happens every Wednesday, or every Wednesday I manage to do it. Want to join in? Leave me a link!
||1|| Gin+Tonic while enjoying the lit tree 
||2|| V and I on our way to dinner
||3|| Rox and I cuddling 
||4|| Roxi's cute face 
||5|| Snowy wonderland!
||6|| Rox enjoying the sun before the storm 
||7|| Date night with the hubby! 
||8|| Derrr. 
||9|| Some of the gifts I picked up for charity (Rue 21 is having an awesome sale right now!)
||10|| We got a tree! More on that to come. 
||11|| A drive through the luminaries!
||12|| Me in the cozy scarf I knit for Vince for Christmas which I gave to him early and then borrowed.


  1. I love this new idea and I LOVE the title! I'm doing one later this afternoon now... or maybe tonight, depends on how late I work today. 
    Happy you got a tree and I love that you borrowed the scarf you made him lol. =]

  2. Yay, I can't wait to see it!

    Ya, our yarn tree didn't work haha I'm still going to post about the ordeal though!