Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Humpty-Dumpty 12.28.11

Humpty-Dumpty...get it? An iPhone photo dump on hump day? I know, it's so clever I can't believe I actually thought of it on my own. This happens every Wednesday, or every Wednesday I manage to do it. Click here to see previous entries. Want to join in? Leave me a link!
From left to right...
||1|| Cuties!
||2|| Sleeping on my pillow...AGAIN. I'm going to kill her.
||3|| My niece is so close to walking!
||4|| Guess who cleaned her bathroom?!
||5|| I got a new shirt! Thank you sales rack at Rue 21.
||6|| My husband made bacon wrapped chicken with brown sugar. Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds.
||7|| Vince and I got Christmas sweaters from his white elephant party at work. Score!
||8|| Budgeting...I secretly LOVE it!
||9|| Shirts drying after I finally did laundry.
||10|| Gin + Tonic with lime + strawberry. Yummy!
||11|| Christmas gift I need to send out still!
||12|| V + I in our Christmas sweaters on Christmas. ♥


  1. Aw, I like your sweaters... and I too LOVE budgeting! I do it every week. =] 

    And wow, your hair is getting long again! Looks nice. =]

  2. I usually wear my hair up so whenever I wear it down I'm always surprised at how long it is!