Friday, December 30, 2011

Tibetan Sky Burial

A few weeks ago I came across this youtube channel, Order of the Good Death. She has 4 episodes out right now, and even though I knew the answers to most of the questions, I love watching it! They're only about 5 minutes each and she is such a sweet lady and is pretty funny. She definitely puts a good face on death!

One thing I learned from her most recent episode is the Tibetan Sky Burial. As she explains in the video, Tibet is high in the mountain, so the ground it typically too hard to dig into, or is just too rocky. So what they do is bring bodies to the top of a mountain and leave it there to decompose out in the open, or more than likely, a predatory bird will eat it. they also don't do many cremations because there isn't enough wood around.

If I could choose any way to have my body taken care of after death, this would SO be my choice. How beautiful is it to go back into nature like that?! I love it.

I wonder if this causes any problems with bird populations. If there haven't been many deaths recently, do the birds starve to death?


  1. Ah ha ha ha ha I didn't have time to watch this when I first saw it but I just came back to it and I'm super glad. I want to be her best friend lol!

  2. I know, right?! She's so awesome!