Monday, December 26, 2011

Hey there, good lookin'.

As some of you have noticed, my blog hasn't had much 'substance' recently, just a bunch of 'filler'! It's because I've been in survivor mode and I didn't even realize it. The whole semester I was telling myself, 'Man, doing school and work is so easy! I don't know why people think otherwise!' And I'm glad I was a little delusional because it helped get me through the semester. Now that the semester is over? I realize how many things have been put on hold!

Looking back, I don't remember the last time I picked up a camera that wasn't my phone, or the last time I cleaned my bathtub. I can say with 99% confidence that I in fact haven't cleaned my bathroom (aside from the toilet!) in the past 3 months. My grandmother would cringe if she heard that! Am I embarrassed about that? Sure. Do I feel guilty? Hell no. I was legitimately busy! The only downside is that now I'm paying for it and have to deep clean my house over winter break!

This past semester has been a life changer in a sorts because it's made me realize what things are important in my life and what things aren't. All the time I used to spend online? Useless. Cooking food every night with my husband? Lovely. I've only had time for the important things and everything else has slipped to the side, so it's been nice to have a good focus.

Hopefully with all the upcoming changes in my life I will be able to blog more, but maybe I will find this is one of the pointless things? I'm guessing not because it's truly an enjoyable thing or I definitely wouldn't do it! Thanks for sticking around through my pointless posts, and hopefully I will be posting some more interesting things. I've had a LOT of thoughts I want to get down on 'paper' about clinicals, school, and my wedding, so hopefully I will have the urge to write about them soon! Right now it's just nice to sit on my couch with nothing I have  to do.


  1. I agree and love it! It's nice to let go of the crap once in a while and live life. In some ways, it feels like we've all been living for MySpace/Facebook photos/ blogs since like 2005 any ways, so I for one will certainly not judge you for enjoying yourself and making it all worth it! 
    I'll miss you if you COMPLETELY stop blogging though!

  2. I don't think I'll ever completely stop, I love it too much!