Friday, September 23, 2011

After waiting 7 weeks, now what?

The wedding will probably be broken up into a few posts as pictures come in, but for now, I'll share some of my random thoughts on it and a sneak peak of the photo that my photographer Tulasi posted on Facebook!

Photographer credit: Tulasi Devi Photography & Design + Facebook

In a way I feel like nothing has changed. Vince and I already have a fully established life together, we've been living together for a few years, and nothing has physically changed in our lives. Ya, we now have an amazing KitchenAid and stainless steel pans, but nothing else is out of the ordinary. We still have our boring jobs, we still wake up together, and we still obsess over when the next Dexter disc will arrive in the mail.

After the ceremony happened and I had some time to think the next day, I felt kind of sad (though that isn't the right word because I wasn't sad, I was something else...?). There was so much going on before the wedding, things were exciting, and we were taking a huge step! I had so much of my time and energy focused on the wedding that once the big day came and went, I was kind of like, 'Now what?' Kind of like those stupid t-shirts that say 'I survived ... and all I got was a t-shirt.' I felt like I should have a t-shirt that said, 'I stressed over a wedding for 7 weeks and had everything turn out perfect and all I got was this t-shirt.'

After contemplating things for a while, I realized that I like that nothing is really changing and I am so incredibly happy with where we are. It's stressful enough having a wedding and dealing with all the family and friends in the same place. I would hate to have to move in together and have to learn all the new quirks about each other! We definitely have a lot to learn about each other through our lives, but I am so happy I'm not learning for the first time that Vince ALWAYS puts the toilet paper roll on backwards or that he frequently leaves juice on the counter instead of putting it away.

I'm no longer 'sad' because I know that we have SOOO so so many more exciting adventures awaiting us. We have vacations to take, children to have, houses to buy, careers to evolve, and I still have to get my name changed! We still have our whole lives ahead of us and it's really exciting in itself to know that I'll have my love by my side. I know that he is mine, and I am his, and we have each other to support and lean on!



    I like the way you put that. I think planning a wedding is secretly every woman's dream, even super feminist ones who pretend it isn't... so I think that's part of it. Our society puts such a huge emphasis on weddings instead of marriage so it's a weird shift. We also lived together first so I felt the same way. I was bummed the "big day" was over, but I was excited at the prospect of my current happiness lasting forever. =]

  2. Ooh, those pictures are so cute!  I can't wait to see some more!
    I get the feeling it's going to be the same for me and my boy when we get married; we're going to live together for a good while first so, even though the legalities will change, nothing else will.  But like you say, it doesn't matter that nothing feels different; it's better that it feels the same, amazing and wonderful way you felt before (^_^) Congratulations!

  3. Holy crap you got married! Congrats! I'm super happy for you! I leave the internet for a few months and all the cool things happen! lol I hope you're enjoying married life as much as I am, though I find, like you and Vince, that because we've been living together so long that not much feels different. I definitely know what you mean about getting caught up in all the build up before the wedding, that it came and went so fast, I almost didn't know what to do. But anyway, congrats again! :)

  4. And YOU got married! haha But yes, I did! Married life is definitely good, it gives me a sense of stability for sure. 

    Thanks, and congrats to you!