Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She done got skunked.

(This happened last week, and I wrote the post and forgot to actually post it! So here ya go...)
And she's not happy about it.

On Wednesday night at work, I was talking to a coworker about skunk smells. I attempted to explain the horrible smell of a skunk and I couldn't. It's a smell that smells NOTHING like a skunk, and it gets in you lungs and burns. It's just horrible and it literally makes me uncontrollably gag. I said that Roxanne had gotten sprayed before and that I hoped I had never had to smell it again.

Well. That didn't happen. She got skunked on Thursday!

I had asked Vince to get a bag of wedding stuff from the car and he decided to leave the back door open when he went out to let Roxanne roam. I've told him five and a half million times to lot let her go outside of the fence without her leash on, and he always tells me every time that she's fine.

I was sitting on the floor in the living room and noticed that it was taking Vince a really long time to come back inside. Then I started smelling skunk and I jumped up to run to tell Vince to hurry and get inside. As I got closer to the back door the smell was SO horrible and I knew she ad gotten sprayed. I screamed at Vince, 'Are you kidding?! She got sprayed?!' And then he said he wasn't sure and asked if I could smell her. Ha. I could smell her from the front of the house!

I then started crying and freaking out and Vince told me to stop. I then yelled, 'We're getting married in a fucking week and I have so much stuff to do and our dog got SPRAYED BY A SKUNK. SHUT UP. Let me freak out.' And he said, 'Ok!' and that was that.

After a moment of panic I went through the motions of getting the stuff to clen her up and unlike last time she got sprayed, I was smart. I left her outside, poured some skunk-off stuff, and let her partially dry.
She knew she was a complete idiot and that it was her fault. Last time she got sprayed she acted all scared, and this time, she KNEW she shouldn't have done that. I kept calling her name and she refused to make eye contact with me, hanging her head in shame. DAMN RIGHT, ROXANNE.
Vince was kind enough to sit in the front yard with her while she dried, even though it was cold and rainy. He said too close though and she jumped up on him! I was screaming, 'Don't let her touch your clothes! Don't do it!' That scared her, and probably our neighbors since it was like 12:30am at this point.
Then brought her inside for a bath. We kept her tied up to the backdoor for the night and a couple days, but she's smelling a little better now. The morning after I washed her again with peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn and it definitely helped.

One of the nights I tied her up to the front door while I ran an errand, and when I came back, she managed to get up on the couch, on top of all my wedding fabric! Luckily she wasn't extremely sticker like the night before.
I'm just glad our house doesn't smell super bad like skunk like it did last time!


  1. Aw poor Roxanne!!! 
    Not to downplay her misery but... wedding?!!?!? =D

  2. Her face is so expressive!  And her positions on top of the cinder block and on the couch are hilarious!

  3. When I posted this to my Facebook, I wrote something along the lines of, 'Since it'll take me a year and a half to post about my wedding...' hahaha I'll get to it! There was just so much! I'll probably do a quick post about it and then get into the details once I get the pictures in a few weeks!

  4. She is SO human it scares me sometimes! She knows exactly what she's doing, and has so many facial expressions, unlike any dog I've ever owned!

  5. I know how long it takes to edit wedding photos and get them to someone so no worries. =] I'm just excited!