Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cramps and wedding stuff...what?

Today I FAINTED at work. What from, you ask? Because I was having menstrual cramps that were so painful. Stupid, and it makes me hate being a girl. Luckily I felt it coming on before it happened and I went on my break and sat down on the floor. I felt horrible because I had to call my boss in to cover the last hour of my shift because I just couldn't do it anymore.

When I got home I did a few yoga moves that helped tremendously, but not nearly as well as laying down makes me feel. If you want some good yoga poses to help cramps, try this site. My absolute favorite that ALWAYS helps is the wide squat pose. When I get cramps it spreads to my back and my thighs which totally sucks, but this pose helps quite a bit. My stepmom taught me that years ago and I'm so glad I know about it!

So now here I am, laying on the couch with an enormous amount of energy, yet I'm not able to do a thing about it.

So I'm going to show you a few things that may be wedding accessories. To start off with, the wedding colors are seafoam blue/green and deep plum.

I want all the flowers to be fabric because I like the look and the cost better, but I haven't decided on any yet. I've made a couple of them, but I think this style might be my favorite:

I made these flowers for a necklace for my bridesmaids using, and I think I'll have my ladies come over and make their own one night. (I can't find the link to the tutorial, but if I find it again I'll be sure to link it!)

I think they are super pretty and will go well with the black dresses we've picked out! I've added a black chain to it to match the dresses.

After I made this necklace, I made another one with the same style flowers but the blue flowers are a different size than the plum ones, which I actually like better. I didn't take a picture of the other necklace because it was after dark, and I definitely don't want to take any today, but I'll post it up soon! It's the one I'm probably going to go with anyways, or maybe a small scale version of this one.

Also, to bring more color to the bridesmaids black dresses, I like this flower for the rings:

I made it using this tutorial, and I'm in love with the ring. I want to make a bunch more in different colors just to wear! I wrapped the silver band with the plum fabric, but I'm not quite sure if I like it. I'll probably just let the bridesmaids pick what they want.

Annnnd that's all I've done for the wedding aside from invitations, which I plan on posting about later. Ya, considering it's LESS than 6 weeks away I should probably get a move on it, but whatev. 
I'm great under pressure!


  1. Aw I love them, the necklace and the ring both. I'm just so excited to see you final pictures!! =]

    And sorry to hear you were feeling so bad today! 

  2. WOW....You KNOW you could have called me in right?? Seriously...that is CRAZY!!!! And I'm so sorry =[ That sucks soooo bad. Well, when you take CPR and stuff and you need time off (OR if you need time off ANY time and want time to plan your wedding) I'M FREE and I will work for you. 

    About the wedding stuff... I LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors and I cannot wait to get together with you, annie, and cori to make the necklaces and stuff!!!!!! Love those flowers. I miss you already =] I can't wait for the actual wedding!!!! And I'm so happy to be part of it. <33!!!!!

  3. Goooooooooooooorgeous wedding colours!  Those are so pretty!  Excited to read more about your wedding plans and see your invites, I bet they're awesome sauce (^_^)

    Hope you're feeling a whole bunch better!

  4. Thank you! And I'm excited to have wedding pictures be done, too. =D

  5. I texted you, but I think it may have been after your phone broke! But thanks. =)

    I'm glad you like the colors! We should all get together in the next week or two and work on stuff. I'm in the process of getting Annie and Cori's schedules because I basically know yours and my sisters and we can figure some stuff out. 

  6. Thank you! I'm super excited and happy about the colors AND the wedding! I'll be posting about in the invites soon. =)


  7. I love these colours. Can't wait to see what you do with these gorgeous creations. 

  8. I like your colors!  And those flowers are beautiful.  I can't wait to see  it all put together at your wedding!