Monday, August 8, 2011

This might just work...

So think might officially being falling into place with me with school. It seriously seems like I can never catch a break when it comes to school!

I was hoping to take the CNA class this semester so that I could start working in the medical field next year, but things have been wonky over the summer. See, I applied for financial aid, and I guess I don't qualify. I then applied for school loans, which I was fine to take out because it's less than $2000 a year and I could pay it off before interest starts accruing because they would be subsidized loans (meaning interest free until 6 months after I stop taking classes, which I did not know...). BUT I didn't know it takes over a month to process the application so I didn't make the deadline. The CNA class alone is over $700 and I have to take a medical terminology class at the same time which adds another $300. So since I don't have that kind of money laying around and I'm, ya know, PLANNING A WEDDING IN TWO MONTHS, I kind of gave up hope on taking any classes this semester.

Enter: loving family who wants me to go to school and gave me some money for the wedding, which I am putting towards school instead. I figured that if I survive off of refried beans and tortillas until the wedding and not spend an extra cent, I will have enough to cover both classes and be able to feed guests at my wedding more than chips and salsa. (I'm going to give them a real treat: shish-kabobs!)

But wait, I wasn't planning on taking the CNA class, which means I didn't have any of the important 'things' I needed to qualify for the class!

Well good news, I'm somehow pulling it off. Here's what I've had to do so far:

TB Skin Test- I was already at the doctors today, so I asked them to give me a TB skin test to prove I don't have TB. (Wouldn't I kind of know if I have TB...?) Know I just have to go back Wednesday morning and get it 'read'.

Immunizations- I have to have had 2 MMR vaccines and have gotten a TDAP vaccine within the past ten years, which I know I got in high school. I have no idea where the info would be, so I called up my dad to see if he had my immunization records and yay, he did! The TDAP wasn't on there though, so I'm going to call my old school tomorrow or just go get another shot.

CPR Certificate: The last and most important thing that I wasn't sure I could get away with quickly was taking a Healthcare Provider CPR class. They fill up extremely quick and all the places I called today had almost a MONTH wait list which would put me like 2 days before school started. Ya, not going to work. Luckily one of the ladies I left a message for called me back today and she is doing a test on Wednesday and can squeeze me in!

So those were the main obstacles in my way. I am already signed up for the medical terminology class and I filled the LAST spot in all 6 of the classes. Score 1 for me. The only thing I have to worry about is that the CNA classes are all full.

This is where you guys come in. Send all your positive thoughts and cross your fingers for me in hopes that a couple of people drop the class or don't pay their tuition fees by August 12! I'm on the wait list with only a few people in front of me so I'm hoping some of them don't want to take the class. The lady at registration said that as long as I have everything ready to go and pay for the class, the instructors are usually willing to take on a few extra people if they talk to them. I'm hoping this is the case and that I can take the CNA class this semester.

If not, I'll be bummed, I won't lie, but I'll still be able to take classes! If I don't take the CNA class I'll still take the medical terminology one and I'll add on another class like Biology of Algebra, so it's not like I will be set back or anything.

So, I hope I don't jinx anything by writing this all up, but wish me luck!


  1. WOOO!!!! Congratulations again. And I will be SO excited when we are both working in the medical field =] Sharing stories will be fun!!!!!!

    About can actually carry TB without having any symptoms or problems. It is easily treated with like 6 months of some stron kind of antibiotic. It's actually quite common!!!

    Was Bill alright with you coming in late Wednesday? I will work until 5:30 for sure, but if you want till 6 I can do that too =] I can't believe how many hours I'm getting! SO HAPPY. Everything is just so wonderful recently. I feel blessed. hahaha.

    Everything will work out, and I am almost sure you will get into the class. But if not, don't even worry. You can just get your medical terminology and stuff done & be ahead when you do take it! It will make the class that much easier.

    Oh....and if you want any help cooking for the wedding or need some groceries for it, I'd love to help with that too. I hope we can all get together soon. I really really like Annie! I have to meet Cori still.

    <3 you!!

  2. Good luck! 

    First of all, my mom used to work in the registrar department at CCC and knows that TONS of people don't pay their tuition on time... they'd always get pissed off and blame her for it. 
    Second, she knows the CNA department is super open to helping people out if they go in and talk to them in person. Third, you're awesome and willing to work for it so it'll of course happen for you! 

  3. I would totally love a chips and salsa wedding. Although...chips + salsa + shish kabobs = my dream wedding. CAN I COME? Haha.

    But I hope all goes well with your classes and such. I've had really good luck sending people p[ositive energy lately so I'll send some your way!

  4. I'm excited to work in the same field as well, it'll be so fun!

    And I will see you Friday for wedding shiz. 

  5. That's secretly what I'm hoping for, that some people forget! hehe And I talked to a lady today and she said that even though I'm on the wait list, I'm third in line so as long as I show up for class the first day I'll most likely get to be in the class. Woot!

  6. Well, we're actually going to have something similar to chips and salsa before dinner, so it IS your dream wedding! baha

    And thanks for the good energy, it's working, it's working! Keep it coming for a few more days. =D

  7. Yay! See, sometimes good things happen to good people. =]