Monday, July 11, 2011

Telluride Part 2

To read part one, click here.

We originally were going to stay in the Town Park camping grounds, but once we got there we realized that is was full, and also not what we were looking for at all. It was in the middle of town and I wanted to really camp, not pop up a tent in a parking lot of sorts. So, we went to the visitors center and asked the lady if there were any plain camp grounds with no bathrooms, etc and she told us about this dirt road that would lead us to camping. What she lacked to tell us that it was at the tippy top of a small mountain and to get there you had to go on the most terrifying road ever. It was completely a one lane road and ON THE EDGE OF A CLIFF most of the way up. If someone were to come down, there is no way we could get past; one of use would have to back up the whole way! I of course got no good pictures of the actual edge though...

Roxanne and I were too busy taking everything in and trying not to panic.

The greenery, waterfalls and creeks were almost enough to keep me distracted!

The view from the top was absolutely dreamy. I couldn't believe it was what we were going to wake up to! There were aspen's everywhere, which I love. We have them in Flagstaff, but there aren't very many in town, you have to go up the mountain to see them.

Once we found our spot, we set up camp, which sadly didn't allow campfires.

Vince and I decided we'd take Rox on a walk after setting up camp since she had been sitting in the car for 6 1/2 hours. 

After the walk and dinner we decided we wanted to get some eggs to make for breakfast in the morning, so we started walking the mile or so down the hill to a little gas station. We forgot that Colorado is an hour behind Arizona, so it was already 9pm by the time we got to the the station. We also didn't realize that in a town that small, everything closes early! We decided to keep walking the rest of the way to town, which was unknowingly another two miles away, to see if the supermarket was open, and of course it wasn't.

For some reason, we decided to continue walking, even though it was around 10pm at this point. We wanted to find the gondolas to see if they were possibly still open, and since Vince had been to Telluride before, he knew they were on the left side of the main street. We walked up and down many many blocks, with Vince insisting it was just around the corner, but we still couldn't find it. We then started to head back to our campsite because we were getting tired.

The walk to camp was hard. It was so incredibly steep and rocky. We finally got there though, brushed our teeth and crashed out. We had bought an air mattress for my brother to sleep on for the two weeks he stayed with us last month, and we were smart enough to bring that along. I know, I know, some people may not consider it real camping, but I do! We were still sleeping under the stars in the middle of nowhere!

The next morning we woke up early, went on another walk, and packed up camp. Then we headed to town to ride the gondolas, which I will post about next! The gondolas are so rad that they need their own post...


  1. Aw that is so gorgeous! I miss Colorado now. I can't believe all that walking you did lol. It was a good thing you were on vacation or you would have needed a vacation =P

  2. Air mattress FTW! Sleeping on rocks gets old quick...

  3. My boyfriend used to be a cowboy in Colorado and always talks about how beautiful it is. I would love to go see it. I just went camping a few weeks ago although not so remote. I love it too! Gorgeous pictures, can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventures.

  4. Man, the walking was so much! I'm glad we were on vacation too or I think I would have died haha It felt really good though after being in the car for so long!

  5. Awww a cowboy?! I wish I could be a cowgirl in Colorado...or anywhere! You HAVE to go see it, I'm sure he'd love to take you. It's amazing!