Thursday, June 30, 2011

Telluride Part 1

I am going to break my trip up into a few posts, so I don't have to upload 5 trillion pictures at one time!

On Thursday morning Vince, Roxanne and I headed off to Telluride, Colorado. The night before, we were cleaning the house and getting everything ready to go after waiting until the last minute, which resulted in us getting to bed at 1:30am! Vince woke up and 5:30 ready to go though, and was able to wait until 8 to wake me up. That was earlier than I wanted to be up, but he was just so excited! So I reluctantly got up and got ready, and off we went.

We have a Yakima Skybox {that we got for FREE!} up top next to Vince's bike, so we crammed that full of stuff so that Roxanne could have a lot of space in the back of the car. We figured she'd go crazy during a 6 hour car drive!

We kept one seat up to store the extra stuff we couldn't fit up top or that we would need along the trip, but she didn't care; she sat on top of the pile the whole time! It was so funny.

Vince drove for part of the way, and OH. MY. GOD. I wanted to just punch him in the face! He was nervous and excited and kept touching EVERYTHING. He was touching knobs in the car, pounding on the steering wheel to the music, and just talking, talking, talking, talking. He told me how much I was going to just love Colorado like 25 times, and I eventually snapped at him and said, 'Oh my GOD, I know, I'm going to like Colorado, you keep telling me over and over. I know!' And guess what? That still didn't shut him up. It was funny and cute to see him so excited, though. I couldn't help but laugh at him for being so insane so early in the morning!

We got to Telluride and 4 or 5pm and started driving through the town.

It's a box town, so there are mountains surrounding it on 3 sides; there's only one way in, and one way out. It was amazing to turn around the final bend in the road and see this tiny town surrounded by massive mountains and green everywhere. 

Once we got to the town, everything was perfect, and I mean perfect. All the houses were amazing little buildings, the streets were filled with people, dogs and bicycles were everywhere.

I first thought, 'Oh man, I could totally live in this town.' Until I realized that the town has only 2,000 or so people living there and it is SO touristy. Flagstaff is touristy enough, I couldn't imagine living in an even more touristy town!

Tomorrow I will post Part 2 because I have a long story and too many pictures for camp to include it now!


  1. roxi is so effing cute!!!!!!!!!!! & i loooove telluride! cant wait to see more pics.

  2. It's so lovely! So glad you got to see it and liked it! I liked all of the parts of CO I did get to see, but I'm excited to get to see more through your posts!
    And that's so funny,  it sounds like I am the Vince and Ryan is the Steffani in our relationship ha ha.