Sunday, June 12, 2011

Salutary Sunday

Hmmm. It's already Sunday and once again I did not make anything this week. 
{Maybe I will just put this 'feature' on hold for a bit until I can actually make something?}

Instead I've been working on going through everything in my craft room and getting rid of tons of stuff! I've only packed 2 boxes, and am getting rid of about 6 boxes worth of stuff. I can't wait to move and have barely anything to take with us! And the best thing is I'm going to have a couple of yard sales, so I'll be able to make some money off of this stuff.

Vince and I did go to Bookman's yesterday and brought some old Playstation 2 games and a console to trade in.  We got a $62 credit, so we bought some CDs! Music is one of those things I'm willing to make room for in our house.

We got a couple Red Hot Chili Peppers CDs to complete our collection, A Tribe Called Quest, Pantera, Rollins Band, and my 'new' favorite, System of a Down! I used to listen to System a lot in middle school and high school, but over time I've listened to them less. I am anticipating that it will be constantly playing in my car for the next few weeks though!

I also bought a few new magnets! I LOVE magnets and am always happy to add to my 'collection'.

There's one with Mike Tyson from the old video game, 'Rocko's Modern Life' which was one of the BEST TV shows from my youth, Where the Wild Things Are, and of course, Junie B. Jones!

Does anyone remember that TV show?


  1. I loved Rocko's Modern Life. It was awesome. Love the CDs too. I have been listening to the Chili Peppers a lot this week ... funny how things you used to listen to a lot suddenly pop back into favour again. Happy Sunday. :)

  2. When are you moving!!? I might stop by your yard sale if I am in town. :)

  3. Dude, can I bring stuff to your yard sale? Please? =D

  4. Chili Peppers ar ethe best, so they are always a constant for me! hehe 

  5. In July! We are paying rent at both places for the month so we'll have the whole month to move. The yard sale will be the second or third weekend of July {maybe both!} so I'll let you know!

  6. Ya, for sure! It'll be the second or third week of July, I'll be sure to let you know!

  7. ahaha ROCKO'S MODERRNNNN LIIIIIIIIIFE! (Rocko's  modern  life)

  8. I LOVE those magnets! I remember all of those!