Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Love 'Em.

Wednesday was my 'little' brother Connor's 18th birthday! To celebrate, we had a family dinner at my grandparents house and had a wonderful time.

{Side Note: The birthday dinner happened to coincide with the night my grandparents had signed up to feed the missionaries from their church, so they were there as well. I'm sure it was a little awkward for them, but they got to eat some delicious food! And I must add that I REALLY wanted to punch one of them in the face. The first sentence he said to me had the phrase 'retarded hot', referring to the weather. (1), I hate it when people use the word retarded and (2), what kind of MISSIONARY, you know the ones that are SPREADING THE LOVING WORD OF GOD, says the word retarded in the first sentence he says to someone? Seriously?! And he also kept using the word bro all night. That actually deserves a double punch in the face.}

My niece Alyla was there, so naturally I took a million pictures of her and ignored everyone else. I mean, look at those eye lashes!!

Nooo, not really, I got a few pictures of other people! 
{And Grandma Jenkins, don't look at these, I'm about to send them to you with my mom!!}

{Suzanne/Sister, Connor, Me} 

 {Grams/Great Grandma, Alyla}

 {Papa/Great Grandpa, Alyla}

 {Suzanne, Alyla, Mom/Grandma}

{Alyla, Suzanne, Great Grandma's Rabbit}

{Grandma, Papa, Dad/Papa, Stepmom/Nana, Alyla, Will/Brother}

 {Mom, Connor}

 {Connor, Will}

 {Suzanne, Mom, Connor, Me}

 {Grandparents, Great Grandparents}

 {Vince, Will, Connor}


{Suzanne, Conner, Me} 

{Alyla, Delicious Piece of Corn}

Hanging out with my family is definitely my favorite thing in the world to do. I know one day we won't all be around, whether it's death or distance that brings us apart, so I really try to cherish the moments we do get to spend together. I know that I really need to be around my family more often, but I always have excuses of why I don't have time!

When I first moved out of the house when I was 17, I definitely distanced myself from my family a whole lot. It wasn't completely intentional, I just think I had the 'I can do everything on my own' type of mentality. There was also too much drama surrounding me at the time and I felt like I had to shut everyone out to keep my sanity. Luckily things are very different now, so this summer my main goal will be to get together with my family way more often than I have the past couple years. Especially this little guy because he's growing up WAY too fast!


  1. Okay, Conner is getting handsomer & handsomer! And Alyla is absolutely adorable!! Can't wait to meet her. Great Pictures Steffani :)

  2. Seriously! And the beard makes him more 'distinguished' haha And thank you =D

  3. I also hate it when people use the word "retarded" that way!

  4. Aw what a lovely family! I hope you get to spend TONS of time with them this summer! =]

  5. Ya, they definitely are =D Hehe and I think I will!!!