Saturday, June 11, 2011

Food Love: Ice Cream

So I'm pretty tired right now and not feeling as great as I could, so I'm going to repost a recipe. I posted this recipe way back when I first started my blog and had approximately 2 readers, so I figured most of you haven't read it! Even if you have, consider it a little reminder to try it out.

Ice Cream. Everyone loves it. Well, maybe not everyone, but mostly everyone.

Unfortunately, it's a huge ordeal for me to eat it. I tend to only consume organic milk ('normal' milk makes me sick-weeeird, I know) and I can't have sugar (or I'm a HUGE grump). Ya, ice cream with no sugar. I don't even know if you can buy that stuff, and if so, I'm pretty sure it's expensive; AKA not worth it. So.......I make my own!

I don't have room for an ice cream maker in my tiny apartment, so instead I found something even fancier...a grocery bag!

To start with, I poured 1 cup (organic) milk into a measuring cup, and added 1 tsp vanilla to it.

I then poured said milk/vanilla mixture into a Ziploc baggie. I used a freezer Ziploc because they seem to seal better, and I don't want milk seeping out. To that I added 1 teaspoon sugar and a 1/2 tablespoon cocoa, if I feel like chocolate ice cream. If I didn't want chocolate ice cream, I would have omit the cocoa. (Duh.) FYI: If you can eat sugar, it tastes best with 1 tablespoon sugar, as opposed to 1 tsp.

I then got 2 grocery bags, and put one inside of the other (so it's double layered). I put 2 cups of ice into the grocery bag along with 2 tablespoons rock salt. I added the Ziploc bag full of milk into the bag with the ice and then tied the inside grocery bag shut.

This is where it gets fun. And loud. Annnnnnnd very cold.
You have to have the bag in constant motion for the next 5 minutes by either bouncing it on your knee, hand, toes, floor, forehead...whatever works for you.

Side note: I used this recipe for my kids at the library where I work for a science experiment and it was SO noisy to have 50 (!) kids shaking grocery bags!

Anyways, after about five minutes, open the bags and see if the milk has turned more solid and into ice cream. It'll kind of be like the frosties from Wendy's. If it's not, add a little more rock salt and keep shaking away!

Now this next step is almost the most important part. I'm serious. Once the ice cream is frozen enough dry off the outside of your Ziploc bag with a paper towel before pouring the ice cream out. If you do not, your ice cream will taste SO SALTY from the dripping salt water, thus rendering all of your efforts unnecessary. Don't ask me how I know this. Just nod your head and say yes ma'am.

Now we get to the most important part: eat your home made ice cream that's actually good for you!

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