Monday, May 30, 2011

What's in my 'purse'?

There have been thousands and thousands of bloggers who have done a 'What's in my purse?' post, and now I'm going to do one! {More recently I've seen it on The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher and Freeze Frame.}

The problem is, I don't usually use a purse...I use a Camelback! A small backpack is way more functional for me, and I love it. I think I take after my grandma in the sense that I don't like purses. She swears by her fanny packs and it took my family forever to talk her out of using it!

I took everything out of my 'purse' and here are the results:

Let's break it down a little bit.

{1} My wallet that I knitted.
{2} TicTacs - always white or orange!
{3} Joshua Tree Lip Balm-Healing Mint that I get from Vince's work/bike shop. It's so yummy!
{4} Can't go wrong with a little Watermelon Bubblicious in your life.
{5} U by Kotex compact tampons that I got in a free sample pack! They are all different and fun colors. At home I us OB tampons, but I like to keep these ones in my bag. {What this to much information? Sorry!}
{6} Aquaphor. I use it for tattoos, cuts, dry skin, as chapstick...pretty much anything skin related! 

{7} Doublemint gum, my favorite minty gum. 
{8} Snickerrrrrrrss in case I get hungry. What, peanuts are good for you!
{9} Loose change.
{10} Receipts. Tattoo receipts, grocery receipts, restaurant receipts...hey, I told you this is what I keep in my bag and I have tons of those!
{11} My glasses case. I tend to not put my glasses in the case though, so they end up all scratched...
{12} A headlamp. I'm a paranoid person and don't want to be in the dark without a headlamp! Plus, if I get kidnapped and I'm stuck in the trunk of a car, it would be nice to have some sort of light.

{13} My hand dandy green iPod with pink headphones.
{14} Floss. Generic, of course. Who wants to pay the extra 15 cents for name brand?
{15} Expensive prescription sunglasses that I frequently lose. 
{16} More chapstick. What is with me? Well, I guess this is actually lipgloss, Mentha Lip Shine from Bath & Body Works to be exact. This stuff is SO SHINY, not sticky, and tastes wonderful. It also makes your lips a tad tingly.
{17} Keys for work, home, and the Subaruuuuu.
{18} Inhaler. Yes, I'm a loser. I'm a skinny kid with asthma, you can start calling me names now. 

{19} Book. I always have a book with me wherever I go!
{20} My dirty planner. I always forget to write stuff in it, but I always have it with me. What usually happens is that I rip out pages to write notes on for managers at restaurants when I have good service or food.

So there you have it, my bag! I'll have my D-SLR thrown in there every once in a while and frequently carry a sweater, but those are constants.

What are some weird things you carry in you bags?


  1. Yay, I love it!
    Also, did you hide Pretty Little Liars because you feel dumb for reading a teenager drama book?
    Because I read all of them last year so I can spot them from a mile away and like you even more for reading it.

  2. Fun!  Joshua Tree lip balm?  I'm intrigued.  I often rip the labels off of my chapstick because a) I can't stand when things get trapped in it like dirt or crumbs, and b) I fight against being a walking ad as often as I can.  Except my current VitaminSchtick, because I think it is ridiculous.  I like that you carry a backpack!  I still have a mini backpack from the 90's I use every once in a while!

  3. Hahahaha no I had it on bottom because it kept messing with the camera since it was so bright and the planner was so dark! I'm only a few pages in, but I hope I like it! It seems like something I would like =D

  4. It's really good chapstick that was first made outside of Joshua Tree National Park from a group of people. I love it! 

    And ya, I tend to take off the wrapper on like Chapstick brand because it seems to peel off anyways! I didn't even know that the vitamin water brand even made a chapstick until I saw it in your post!

  5. I thought it sounded good when I saw the preview for the show but I've NEVER finished a series before so I expected that to be the same way. I actually read that entire series in three months... but that's a good thing. I have to read multiple books in between or I get burned out. 

  6. Just stumbled onto your blog and I <3 it (^_^) I love reading 'what's in my purse' posts, I'm so nosey *grins* Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  7. I just got to the part where she sees the teacher, and now I'm totally hooked! I plan on finishing it tonight, so I will probably finish the series in like a week hahaha I'm such a loser like that! I'm the opposite of you, when I start a book I like I have to read all in the series.

  8. Yay, I'm glad you like it! I'm a pretty nosy person as well. =D

    And thank you, I hope you are having a wonderful day as well!! I'm off to check out your blog...

  9. Sheesh I'm a bad replier now!
    Well let me know what you think when you're all done! I had started watching the show too but it didn't really follow the book much at all so I stopped. Have you watched that too or no?

  10. Oh man, and I'm a bad blogger! I haven't written or READ anyones blogs in like 4 days! hehe I have watched 1 episode and I didn't really like it, but I also didn't know what was going on, so maybe if I started from the start I would like it. But I really liked that first book, I finished it that night!