Sunday, May 29, 2011

Salutary Sunday

This week I have finished season 1 of Numb3rs. I'd call that a successful week, wouldn't you? Hehe. No, this week I did a lot of exercising and cooking. I also made a big decision.

My Etsy shop. Ya, ya know that 'thing' I started a couple months ago and have yet to mention it again since? Ummmm ya.

I've decided to put it on the back burner for now. I was 'pressured', in a sense, to get it up, but now I'm not feeling motivated for it!  I don't know why I'm not as excited as I was before, but I'm just not. I feel like I could get myself excited about it enough to continue with my shop, but I also feel like there are so many other things in my life that I am pursuing and everything is getting caught up in itself.

When I envisioned my shop, I wanted to have a lot of product available. I wanted to have a big stockpile of stuff available, and I just haven't reached that yet. If I have my 'brand' out there, I want it to be exactly what I want, and it's just not that. Having a measly 9 items in my shop is not what I want. I think it's pathetic and I know I can do better!

I also feel a sort of internal pressure to do good, so I feel as if I am letting myself down. At the beginning of the year I set goals for myself to work in my craft room for an hour a day, and needless to say, I am NOT doing that. I think it's because I was forcing myself to do it. I need it to just come naturally! I'm still doing great thinks with myself, I'm the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life, and I am PROUD of what I'm doing with myself. I don't need this internal guilt of 'failure' looming over me.

So for now, once my listings on Etsy expire, I'm not going to renew them and I'll close up shop. I'll still  continue to make jewelry, though. It's something that makes me happy and I thoroughly enjoy doing it, so I'm not going to stop that part! I'll post new pieces here and there on this blog, and if anyone wants to buy anything they can just tell me.

Maybe when I get to another point in my life I will pursue it again, but for now, I will not.

I definitely want to thank everyone who has encouraged me through this! All of your kind words were really appreciated and it's great to know there are wonderful people out there. ♥


  1. Sorry it's making you feel bad Steff but I'm glad you're seeing it and choosing happiness instead! Maybe someday if it's what you want again it'll work out better for you but until then, I support ya! =]