Friday, May 6, 2011

Things that completely kind of suck. {And some things that rock.}

In case you didn't get an idea what this post is about from the title, it will be about things the completely kind of suck. {And things that rock.}

Things that suck:

{1} The fact that I REALLY really want a chocolate shake right now, but that would consist of me washing the dirty blender.

{2} Barstow, California. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyways: OH MY GOD. So we stopped there on our way to LA to fill up on gas. The first gas station I saw was, as to be expected, right off the highway and WAY expensive. Considering that I filled up in Flagstaff for $3.50 a gallon {give or take a few cents} I was hesitant to pay $4.69 a gallon. I decided to drive a little further into town to find a cheaper gas station. As we were driving, we realized that there weren't any gas stations, anywhere! We drove for like 5 minutes and couldn't find one. What we did see was a ton of scary people, scary cars, and a dirty dirty town. When we finally got to a gas station I went to the bathroom and I was terrified. If I could have, I would have preferred to pee on the side of the building. I didn't even wash my hands because the sink was bound to be dirtier than me. So I bought some dreaded hand sanitizer, which I really hate.  Needless to say, we sped by the Barstow exit on our way home.

{3} I had Indian food for dinner and I just want to keep eating it, but I'm too full. {How much of a first world problem is it that I'm complaining because I get full and can't keep eating? Sometimes I really disgust myself. }

{4} I want to surf the internet, watch TV, play video games, and read a book AT THE SAME TIME. Obviously, that is impossible and I'm pretty sure I'm just trying to overstimulate my mind. Again: first world problem.

{5} My vacation was  not long enough and I would like to go back to California. Can someone please make that happen? {Ok, maybe all my problems are first world problems...}

Things that rock:

{1} Izobel is in a really good home. She will be happy, Vince and I will be happy, and thing will turn out great.

{2} I have an awesome car. I definitely don't let myself forget that I was just driving a shit shit shit car a few months ago and that not everyone is fortunate enough as me to have a nice job and a new car. 

{3} I was able to take a vacation in such a beautiful place.

{4} The fact that I don't live in Barstow. Or downtown LA, which I will tell you about later.

{5} I am with the man of my dreams. Well, I actually never really dreamed about a specific guy as a kid, BUT, he's someone that I absolutely love and am so happy to be with. We've gone through so much stuff, some absolutely horrible, and some absolutely wonderful, and I would live through every second of it again if I had to and not change a thing. Even the gnarly bruise I gave him in my sleep when we were in CA. Oops!

So there you have it folks. Things that suck and rock. Do you have a list? Tell me about it!


  1. Aw poor Vince he he.
    Barstow sounds terrible! I'm sure we'll run into all kinds of creepy places like that... one thing I'm NOT looking forward to!

  2. This post made me laugh so hard!! You're too funny:] And yes, aren't we all blessed with these problems we have?? I think about that a lot! I love that you didn't make something because the dish was dirty. Story of my life! Best weightloss program...don't do dishes! I think so! ;]

    So you are gluten-free, dairy free?! I'm so excited to find someone else! My son is gluten-free, casein-free... I'm lactose and meat free... we are a hodgepodge lol. Love to hear about some of your recipes... sometimes things just get old, you know!?

  3. Oh man, I'm sure there's going to be so many! haha It'll make a good blog post=]

  4. That's true, dirty dishes would be a great weight loss program! hahaha

    I am gluten free and mainly dairy free, but not fully. I have dairy probably 3-4 times a week, but could definitely do without it! I was dairy free and soy free for 5 or 6 months last year to see if either product was messing with my body, and soy messed with me more than dairy. Strangely, as long as I have organic dairy, then I'm fine! If I have non-organic dairy my body just feels 'heavy' and I feel lethargic so I stay away from it.

    I'm fully gluten free though because I have Celiac disease! Can't have a speck of gluten or I get WAY sick. =/

    Most of my recipes can easily be adapted to be dairy free by using the substitute {which is usually only milk anyways, so soy/rice/almond/etc would be fine} but I'll start specifying it when I do post recipes! I'll post some new ones soon. =]

    Do you happen to have a blog?! I tried to find it through your comment name but nothing showed up. =]

  5. Ryan says there'll probably even be a few times we end up deciding just to forget it and move on to the next town lol.

  6. Yikes!! Celiac is NO fun :[ I've learned a lot about it lately, and bleh! Awful! I've always had stomach issues, and people without them just don't understand!! How long have you had it? I'm sorry man:[ Gluten is hard to stay away from sometimes, but it seems there is more demand for it these days so that gives hope! We are almost fully Organic, getting better every week and I know what you mean about the change..

    And yes ma'am!

    Have a wonderful day lady :]

  7. Ya, being GF isn't fun at times, but I'm used to it now! I've been GF about 3 years, but I've had it my whole life, meaning I've been super sick pretty much my whole life. And you're right, a lot of people really don't understand stomach issues unless they have them.

    Kudos on being all organic! We tried to for a while but it's just way too expensive in our town. We only have one health food store and something as simple as a red bell pepper is over $5, on sale! I wish I could do it more though. I'm at least buying from loacl farmers through the Bountiful Baskets program!

    And I know your blog, I guess I just didn't connect the name with it. hehe