Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bye bye Iz.

After putting up the Craigslist ad for Izzy, a lady responded saying that her family would love to meet her! The ladies husband came by today to meet her and he fell in love. He has four daughters and thought this dog would fit in perfectly. After talking to him for about 15 minutes he seemed like a really nice guy so I agreed to let him take Izzy home. I already had all her papers ready and some dog food and treats ready for her in a bag. I was totally prepared and figured that once she was gone, she was gone and everything would be ok! 

But it's not. At all.

After putting Izzy in the guys car I went to my mailbox. By the time I closed my mailbox I was bawling. I went straight inside and took a shower and just sat in there crying for a half hour. And I'm not talking about simple tears-down-the-face crying, I'm talking sobbing, shoulders shaking crying. I haven't cried like this since I found out my grandma was probably going to die 2 years ago. 
{Luckily she didn't and is healthy agian!} {And yes, I just compared giving away my dog to my grandma dying. For those of you that know me, you know I LOVE my grandma, which shows how much I love Izobel. Obviously my grandma's death would hurt more though...}

After getting out of the shower it looked like I had been punched because my eyes are already swelling. I finally stopped crying though, but then Vince called and asked how everything went, and I said he took her and I just started crying again. Now I can't stop, which is why I'm writing this, so I can 'organize' my thoughts.

I am so sad to have to give her away. I was just starting to feel that she was completely part of our family and her personality was finally showing. Her and Roxi got along great and they had so much fun playing, and now I feel tremendously guilty. I mean, they were sisters! They did practically everything together and now they won't really see each other again.

When I was talking to the guy, I told him he could take her today and he asked if I was sure. I said that we were all good and that Vince had already cried about it. We were ready to send her to a new home. I truly didn't think I was going to cry, but I guess I was just a little delusional about it. 

I did tell him that if they ever needed a dog sitter that we would be more than happy too, and he was happy about that, so hopefully we'll see her again.

I'm supposed to go to a friends for dinner tonight, but now I really really don't want to. Vince seems to think that it will be good to get my mind off it, but I know if I go I'll just sit there and not want to talk or anything, so we'll see. 

This post seems really scattered so I'm going to stop writing now, but thank you all for listening and for some of you being sad with me. I know this is a good situation to be in by finding a really good home for her, but I'm still sad. 

I'll  post again soon about happier thoughts, like my California trip!


  1. Ohhh that is tough. You know you were making the best choice for everyone involved but that doesn't make it the easiest choice. You know Izzy is going to a good home and will be well loved. You know that you needed to take care of yourself, Vince, and Roxi...and in order to do that you had to do exactly what you did! I understand...I have five dogs and one cat....that is crazy it isn't lightly that I say you did the right thing. You did!! I think that is why you were strong enough to push through and send Izzy off to enjoy life with the new fam right away. You are amazing...and I know once you settle down and start transitioning to move that things will feel better for you, until then...I send you some heart and hugs because it sure is a tough thing you did, so if you need a little sad time...take it...then push through to being excited about the big move and whatnot! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. Awwwwwww @openid-57202:disqus thank you soo much! Your words are so wonderful and really mean so much to me. They are already making me feel better and more confident in my decision. Loves, Steff

  3. Your port made me cry! I could never give away my dog... Hence why I can't join the Peace Corps =/ I'm sorry life forced you into this!

  4. Ya, I could NEVER give Roxi away, I'd rather be homeless! We love her too much, she is our first baby!

  5. Aw Steffani, you're a good person and you did the right thing! I know it'll be hard for a while but someday I think you'll look back and be really glad about the decision you made. You didn't just give her to anyone, you made sure she was going to a family who would love her just as much as you did. =]

  6. Thank you! It definitely helps to hear reassuring things. I know in the end everyone will be happier .=D