Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flogging Molly / The Drowning Men

I PROMISE I will post about my California trip soon, but this post is about the Flogging Molly show last night.

Flogging Molly is in my Top 5 Favorite Bands 'list' {along with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Streetlight Manifesto, and Mad Caddies} and I freaked out when I found out they were in town! I bought my brother a ticket about 3 weeks ago, but didn't have enough money for my own since we were going to CA. If I had enough money when we got back, I would buy a ticket, but guess what? 

THEY SOLD OUT. It was to be expected, though. 

So I was bummed that I couldn't go, but after hearing their new single, I was worried the show would suck anyways. I first heard their new song on the radio at work and unfortunately, it totally blew! I went home and made Vince listen to it and we both were like, 'Um, did they change bandmates or something?!'  We even googled them to see if they had changed things up and if there was a new singer...I mean, Dave King has NO accent! What the hell. And it's not really Celtic or Irish sounding like a lot of there other stuff, which I really love. I respect that it's their band and they will obviously do what they want, but that song seems like it's from another band!

So needless to say, Vince and I weren't extremely sad about not going, like we would have been if we didn't hear that song. Then, Vince called me at work one day and said we got a hook up and could get in for free! So I was stoked.

Last night we went to the show and it was fucking awesome. Seriously. They played some of the stuff on their album that isn't released yet and it was just like their old stuff, super kick ass! It sounded NOTHING like their new single, so I was happy about it. Maybe it was just a fluke?

I have never seen so many people at The Orpheum and it was so cool to see SO many people in there. You could tell the band was stoked about having such a full house because we were all super crammed in there. 

It was also rad to have so many people singing along with them. I was smiling and dancing the whole time!

It was fun to hangout with my brother for most of the show, too. 

{I swear, it's like my brother (on the left) tries to look wasted in every picture I take of him...}

Near the end of the show this HUGE huge guy was making his way through the crowd with 5 or 6 girls and stopped right in front of me and I was so pissed. He was like 6'5'' and was solid muscle. I am not exaggerating when I say his bicep was the size of my head. He was truly HUGE. So why did he think he should stand right in front of me and block my entire view? I don't know. So at that point I moved over and got separated from Connor. 

When I moved over, though, I happened to be standing right behind one of the girls who was with the huge guy, and she was so annoying. She kept having the flash on her phone go off and had a high pitched voice. Needless to say, I allowed my clunky purse to smack her in the back every time I moved while dancing. She got out from in front of me pretty quickly!

All in all, it was a rad show. The lead singer Dave King was hilarious and made fun of people in the crowd, and the whole band in general was really great at interacting with the crowd. When I got home I was so strung out on adrenaline that I felt drunk!

I was also really happy with the band that opened for them, The Drowning Men. I bought their CD Beheading of the Songbird and am in love with it! Go buy it on iTunes and listen to the song Courageous Man. It's my favorite and I'm pretty sure I'm going to listen to it 5,000 times in the next few weeks. {You can also listen to it on their website for free!}

Oh, there was also a guy who managed to sleep for the entire time The Drowning Men was playing: 

Who pays $40 to see a show and sleeps? And who can even sleep with such loud music! 

And now, the obligatory super-crappy-no-flash-concert-picture:


  1. I didn't know you were a ska fan! I also love Flogging Molly and Streetlight Manifesto, and I like the few Mad Caddies songs I know.
    Looks like a pretty cool concert!

  2. As it should be! Do you like Catch 22? I like them almost as much as Streetlight Manifesto.

  3. Ya I definitely like them! I have so much other stuff that I like more though, so I rarely listen to them. I need to add them in to my rotation!