Monday, May 16, 2011

Working Out...Again.

Working out. 
Goodness, are you completely sick of hearing about this?

So it's been one week since I made my 3 goals, and I blew myself away. I never thought I would have been able to stick to them, and do it so willingly. I thought I would be dragging myself to workout, but it was easier then I thought.

I think the biggest thing was my attitude towards it. I really want to have a toned body. I want my tattoos to stay good looking for a long time, I want my body to look good, but most importantly, I want to have more energy and a clear mind! I went into my workouts knowing my ass would get kicked, and knowing it would be hard, and that I was fine with that. I know I have to put some kind of effort into it, I know it won't come easy!

As a review, here were my 3 goals:

{1} Do the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred or another workout video 3 times a week.

{2} Ride my bike to the gym and do anything there, whether it's lifting weights, running, swimming, etc.

{3} Walk or run with Roxanne 5 days a week. 

And here are the workouts I did over the past 7 days:

Jillian Michaels video
1 mile run



Jillian Michaels video 
1 mile run
1 mile walk

Jillian Michaels video

3/4 mile run
3/4 mile walk

Jillian Michaels video
1 mile walk

{I kept track of my workouts on this calendar I bought from 

Goal 1 - Accomplished. I worked out to a video 4 days last week, so one day more than I needed. I'm about to move up a level in the video, which I am excited about!

Goal 2 - Failed. I was not able to get to the gym at all, but I am not upset about it one bit. I still worked out a lot and I don't feel like I could have done it better at the gym! I still want to go to the gym with some friends {Annie, Veronica and Cassie!} but I don't feel like I am missing out on a whole lot right now since I'm so new to working out.

Goal 3 - Almost accomplished.  I walked or ran 4 days last week. I really should have done something on Wednesday morning, but I was SO tired even though I went to bed at 10pm and slept until 11am! I had to work from 12-9 and then came home and made dinner and passed out. On Thursday I got my tattoo and we went to dinner, and we were both pretty tired when we got home. Roxanne was mad at us those 2 days! And Saturday...I have no excuse. I'm just lame.

So overall, I was pretty good. I'm positive that I will do just as good, if not better, this next week! I also decided that if I continue this workout for the next month and keep it up, then I'm going to treat myself to a massage! It's a perfect gift to myself.

So here is the best thing I've learned this past week:
It is SOOOOOO much easier to run when you have some sort of muscle.

I have tried to get into running so many times but I would get so tired so quickly because I had no muscle for it. My legs would turn to jelly and my body would just feel so incredibly heavy and it would feel like I was stomping with every step. 

After doing the workout video for a couple weeks, I noticed a huge difference in all my muscles and after each workout, I felt like I could do more. I definitely couldn't do more of the video, but I felt like my workout wasn't complete. So I ran! I actually felt like running. I went straight outside after the video and ran for an entire mile {the long way around my block...I measured it in my car!} without stopping once. Granted, there was a block or two when I was running as fast as I can walk, but I was still running!

I can't explain how amazing it felt. I could feel my muscles doing exactly what they wanted to do and it was so helpful to have some muscle already there to help me 'get through it'. So, if you want to start running, you should really workout for a week or two first. It makes is so much easier!

It was really fun to go on hikes and walks with Vince and Roxi. What I started to do was run a 1/8th of a mile away from them, and then turn around and run back so I was running a 1/4 mile at a time. I kept doing that over and over and talking with Vince in between and it was so fun! Vince kept laughing at how giddy I was, but I really liked it. It was a good way to get a workout in, and it was hilarious to race Rox.

So I think this is my last 'big' workout post, except for a post later this week about the fantastic new workout pants and sports bra I got over the weekend with Veronica. {Unless it's helpful to some of you!} So thanks to those of you that have been supportive of my goals!

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  1. Oh I never saw this post because Blogger was being so weird! Good job though, congrats!! =D