Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Circumstances at Walmart

Every Wednesday for work, I go shopping at Walmart with our giftcards, and it seems that every week, something crazy happens to me!  

Last week it was the fire alarm going off and the week before it was getting caught up with a weird guy lifting his shirt so he could show me his tattoos. Ya, definitely not what I came to the store to see. Well, this week, TWO crazy things happened!

Crazy Circumstance # 1
The first one happened when I was standing in the checkout line. I put everything up on the conveyor belt thing and spaced off for a minute. When I turned to my left I saw a guy who works at Safeway that almost always checks out my groceries. {Not checks them out sexually, you sickos, checks them out so I can pay for them...} 

I immediately smiled and said, 'Hey, Safeway guy!' because his name tag doesn't say his name, it just says 'Cashier', so even though I talk to him on a weekly basis I don't know his name. 

He smiled, blushed profusely and said, 'Hey, I can't believe you recognize me, Steffani!' I will admit, I felt a little...strange, that he remembered my name from my membership card, but I wasn't creeped out or anything, he's just a regular-seeming teenager who works at Safeway. 

I replied, 'Of course! I can't believe you remembered me!'

He blushed again and said, 'I'd remember you anywhere!'

And to that, we shared an extremely awkward silence before we both started laughing and said, 'Ya, well, see ya later!' 

It was especially funny to me, because he thinks that I'm married! The name on my membership card is Vince's, so every time I checkout he always says, 'Thanks Mrs. R". I could tell by his face that he realized almost immediately what he said, though, and that it didn't sound right. 

{This is actually the second awkward situation we've shared. He also told me 'Happy Mother's Day' when I was babysitting for my sister and I had to tell him she was my niece. He was truly mortified.}

Crazy Circumstance #2
It was pouring yesterday so when I was walking to my car, I was rushing. I saw one of those huge overly-compensating-for-something lifted trucks that guys drive but it was still pretty far away so I started walking in front of it. 

All of the sudden they honk and me and I freak out! Is this guy, who is inside his warm truck, really going to honk at me for walking in front of him IN THE POURING RAIN? SERIOUSLY?! So I did what any normal and annoyed person would do and flipped them off. Yes, I flipped them off.

After politely showing my anger I turned my head to make eye contact with them to give them a death glare when, whoopsie, I know the person! And they were honking to get my attention! Luckily they laughed right along with me, but man; I was ready to kick their car and run off I was so pissed.

Needless to say, I will not be flipping off anyone else. Well, unless I make eye contact first.

Does anyone have crazy stuff happen to them when they go to Walmart, or is it just me?


  1. Did the person in the huge overly-compensating-for-something lifted truck happen to be Travis Black? lol!!!! Same thing happened to me once. So annoyinggg....Those trucks...

    Anyway your stories are always entertaining just so you know...I love to read them still. I just don't comment as much anymore =]


  2.  Bahahaha that guy is such a tool! But luckily it was not him.

    And I'm glad you enjoy them!! =D

  3. That guy from the checkout has a crush on you. It's very obvious.
    I wonder if you'll brave Walmart next week? If you do, best keep your middle finger in your pocket. ;)

  4.  I know, which makes it so awkward!!! hehe and maybe next week I'll go to a different grocery store...hmm.

  5.  haha, I always had awkward moments like Safeway Guy while masquerading as Target Girl.  I always remember the weekly Photo Lab customers because you get to know a bit about people when you see 200 of their personal photos run through the machine every week.  Every time I go to our WalMart something awful happens.  Once there were a bunch of guys sitting on my car when I came back from shopping.  I asked them to please let me to my car and on my way and they pulled a switchblade.  I retreated, called the cops, and waited while the guys told the police it was their car.  He asked to see registration, they told him to mind his own business.  After backup was called and IDs were asked for, the guys finally left and I got into my car.  Because of their claims, I had to show my ID and registration for my car.  Ugh.  I don't go there by myself anymore.

  6.  Ha ha, Walmarts always offer the craziest moments. I did a photography project called People Are Strange when I was going to NAU and even though I took five days for it and drove all over Flagstaff for it, 18 of my 30 photos were from Walmart... weirdies for sure. 

  7.  Oh my goodness, it would be so awesome to be able to view everyones photos!!!

    And man, that's sounds so scary! I can't believe the cops didn't do anything about it and just let them leave. =/ I hope nothing like that happens to me when I'm shopping.

  8.  Hahaha that is awesome. Walmart people are weirdos. =P