Friday, May 20, 2011

Library Conference

{Yes, I blurred out my place of employment...we've got more than one libarry in my town and I don't need you kidnapping me. Seriously.}

Today I went to a conference for work {the public library, for those of you that don't know, since I rarely talk about my job} and it wasn't too bad. We got pretty name tags that matched my fingernail polish, I really liked the presenters and we got to have an author read from her new book and tell us about it. Overall it was good. What really made it a good day, though, was the way it started off...

Some of my coworkers and I walked in to the room and found our seats. I noticed that was a coffee/drink table in the corner, so I went over there to look at my options. Since I went to sleep at a pretty late time last night, I decided on the coffee. I rarely drink coffee, so I figured it will kick my butt into hire gear.

I looked around the table for a lid, and realized there weren't any! Nothing EVER good comes from a full cup of coffee with no lid, so I kept searching hoping they're just hidden. I don't know about you guys, but I am a magnet for spills of any kind. After searching and searching, I figured that I would just have to be extra cautious and I gave up on the lid search.

I went and sat down next to my coworker and I tell her the horrible news, that there are no lids. I joked around saying, 'Man, they're just asking for trouble!' We laughed and she said, 'You better be careful!' 

Aaaaand not even ten seconds later, the drink spilled.

You see, my coworker, that's right, NOT ME, stood up and got caught on the fancy white table cloth...and spilled the coffee. It was so funny and we couldn't stop laughing! Luckily it wasn't a big deal. The tablecloth was an off-white color and the coffee dried pretty quickly, so it was barely noticeable. I was just happy that for once, I wasn't the one that spilled!

Now I can give her shit for it for let's say...two weeks? Three weeks?


  1. I'm pretty sure that having no lids was just setting things up for disaster, haha.

    I was just going to say I love how your name tag matches your nails! :) That shade of blue/turquoise is gorgeous!

  2.  I love it too! I got it from Walgreens for like 2 bucks, and it only needs 1 coat!

  3.  Three weeks for sure! Ha ha! hearts, Janna Lynn

  4.  That is why I don't drink coffee.

    Also because I don't like it.
    Minor detail.

  5.  I like the taste of it, but I don't like how much of a crack head it makes me feel! I only drink it a couple times a year. I guess this was the universes way of telling me to not drink it anymore! haha

  6. Oh I'm the opposite. I feel surprisingly fine when I drink it, though I don't drink soda and have very little caffiene at all if I can help it... I love the smell of it, the feel of it running down my throat... but ugh, no matter what I do to it I can't make myself like the taste. Even with TONS of flavored creamer and sugar. It becomes a gosh darn chocolate milk by the time I'm done with it and I still don't like it lol.


  8. I just love is SO much when patrons call it a libarry hahah